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  • Don't let him down, Murkrow, like your other feathered friends ...

    I just tried triple hunting. It was kind of confusing and stressful. You sort of seem to get into it, but it seems like it can go out of sync very quickly. I don't see how people hunt with multiple consoles ...
    Okay, cool. Is there a cutoff period or will it be up for a while?

    I'm currently hunting but I really should be heading off to bed. It's 12 here. I hate the time zones and stuff like that.
    Good luck with the Murkrow hunt! Thanks for the link ... but, uh, how do I see it? I've seen these things floating around, but I have never really paid too much attention to it! Do you do it in game? (I know, I sound like a ******* right now!)

    Those birds aren't going anywhere, so they'll be waiting when you feel like going back to them!
    That's alright! Funny, I just read your plan for Porygon and I would never think of anything like that. It just goes to show how deep things can be in this game.

    So, how are things going with the bird hunt? I know that it's not going your way, so how are you feeling about it? Seriously, despite being birds, they are pretty much dogs!

    I'm really sorry, I don't mean to neglect you. Life is just getting in the way a bit and stuff like that. How have you been?

    I just wanted to say congratulations on those two twin Bonsly and that awesome looking Porygon!

    And fingers crossed for future hunts. Hopefully certain ... things ... shine for you soon ... hang in there! Take care.
    Oh, good luck with that new ID! I hope this time the birds will finally shine. Too bad about that Abra though, even if you already have one...
    Heya, Master! I just saw your message.

    I would, but I am just heading off to bed. I'll visit you there at some point. Sorry I haven't been around.

    Anyway, good luck, fingers crossed for you. Goodnight, mate!
    Hi there TheMaster327! I just came here quickly to tell you that I wish you all the luck you need (because I believe you deeply need some!). I don't know, and probably will never know, the pain of such a long hunt so I can't say "I know how you feel", but I just don't want you to give up. One of the birds will shine for you and it will be the best thing you'll ever get!
    Which one would you like to get the most, out of these three blasted birds ? :)
    Hey don't give up on those birds just yet :) I know how that hopeless hunting feels, but the birds can't stay non-shiny forever! One day you'll be hunting thinking they're not going to shine when suddenly there are sparkles and it'll be awesome ;) Good luck!
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