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  • congrats on the osahwott master :3 not sure if you saw I edited my post my I got my shiny absol after 1,152 eggs but its the wrong hidden ability and minus attack ._. I will mm for another one later gunna be working on my next mm for shiny oddish soon but I got a few things to do before halloween rolls around.
    I know what you mean drives me nuts with long hunts but they will shine at some point will hatch some more eggs tonight before bed for work tommorow good luck ^_^ I remember my cleffa last hunt was only 21 eggs it hatched XD and then got another one at 498 eggs XD I still have to hatch another one because the first that hatched had only 1 iv in defense ._. I need a higher iv then that for a bold cleffa XD with unware ability the second one is perfect though with magic guard ^_^
    your most welcome master :3 and good luck on vulpix saw you got 30 eggs in ;) I am still chugging along still hopefully it doesn't go longer then my second klefki hunt which I will go nuts XD but I don't mind I got music to keep me going XD
    you welcome and left a congrats btw ;) I am sill hatching eggs 938 eggs and nothing yet but not giving up and thanks ^_^
    good luck master on the shiny swinub I saw your post which I feel your pain my hunt is going over close to 1,000 as well for shiny absol which was suppose to be the communtiy hunt for this month >.< but anyway we shall endure the pain together we shall get our shinies soon :3 we can do it!
    I guess it's anything that has an 8 in its number, regardless of position of the 8.
    Thanks! It's been too long, I'm so sorry.

    I've been pretty busy with work, really. Boy, life can be exhausting! :p

    Yeah, who cares about the nature! He sparkles... or she?

    I couldn't imagine how you felt when you saw it.

    Every time I see someone catch a runner, I see that it's completely possible to get one shiny, but it also seems really daunting, too. But I guess ... I have done everything else and been successful, so maybe, maybe one day I will attempt it. Such a tough decision!

    I want to post my new sparkles, but it is going to take so long ... but there has been some pretty exciting ones... If I do say so myself!

    I have missed you and our chats, etc, though.
    Well, hello there, Master James!

    Sooooo sorry I've disappeared for soooo long. :( I'm so bad.

    How have you been?

    I just had to say OMGWowsers liekcongrats for capturing that Moltres! Such dedication, so well deserved. Happy for you!

    Sorry it's short, but I have to get going to sleep now. Take care. :)
    Ah nice, it's actually way better and luckier that it happened to be Adamant since Jolly isn't really a nature it runs these days anyway. It's really unfortunate that Regenerator Ho-oh is so much better yet can never be shiny though.
    Wow, in platinum? I never would have imagined people to still do Sring in older games like that, for a whole variety of reasons. Glad to see some people are still enjoying the older games, as I know I sometimes forget about them!
    I don't know many others who share the SR/MM passion for shinies so I thought I'd tell you... I got a shiny Zekrom after four days of almost non-stop SRing! xD
    Sadly, it was hardy natured despite my synchronizer, lol.
    No, not really. I get to try some fruits though! Last week I had a Lychee/Liechi berry and no it didn't raise my attack sadly.
    Well it definitely helps you take hits but it's just generally less efficient. I guess if you're primarily using it for Maison or something it's less of an issue though since Maison trainers do that as well when they invest in 3 stats, one is 252 and the others are 128.
    Yeah, that's some pretty impressive bulk right there. We need mord fast and bulky Pokémon. They are so interesting to use.
    I work in my local supermarket in the produce section, packaging and stocking fruits and vegetables. My hours and days are different every week. I'm still getting used to it so I haven't been hunting much.
    I think Jumpluff is an amazing Pokémon, I love it; I used one in my White 2 playthrough, and it was putting the finest of work. It also had an Adamant nature, which I thought at first would be awful, but really, Acrobatics/Seed Bomb/U-turn/Leech Seed was an incredible set to run for in-game. :D
    Well often times you won't get the chance to use both moves in one battle with Jumpluff's shaky defenses and typing. Mixed bulk does happen with some Pokemon but it's never a perfect split between both defenses. I'm not a fan of defensive Jumpluff in general but if you want to go with mixed bulk I'd try a little bit of bias towards the special side since Jumpluff is naturally better at taking special hits than physical ones.
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