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  • That's a pretty good Hoppip if you ask me! Bummer about the HP though... I think it's a nice unusual set to use, although I'm a huge fan of the offensive one (Seed Bomb/Swords Dance/Sleep Powder/U-turn). Jumpluff definitely has the potential to be bulky.
    Sorry that I disappeared. I haven't been able to do to much hunting lately (though I'm currently doing REs in my SoulSilver now as I'm typing) because I've finally gotten a job. Congrats on all of the shinies you've gotten lately and good luck with Hoppip!
    Well Hoppip is a fun shiny. Splitting defenses even like that tends to be inefficient though, usually you want to focus on one of the two defenses. That said Grass/Flying leaves a lot to be desired defensively, Swords Dance Jumpluff is actually a viable option as well with Jolly.
    That's an option though priority ruins that strategy and Dugtrio lacks the attack to pull that off against bulkier threats even with a boost. It might work better in actual practice than I think though.
    Oh, because the standard Dugtrio is something like EQ/Stone Edge/Sucker Punch/filler with Jolly. Don't use Hone Claws in a regular competitive battle, but if Maison is the primary use then Hone Claws is actually solid and pairs well with Entrainment Durant. Just be sure to run Protect if you do that. And then of course Adamant isn't too helpful if you end up boosting with Hone Claws anyway. I guess Shadow Claw can go in over Sucker Punch given how iffy the AI can be sometimes, though.
    Depends on the metagame you're using it in but Jolly is generally the best. Adamant is an option as well though you get outsped by more things and Dugtrio generally wants to trap things. Naive is an option but only if you absolutely need Sludge Wave to hit Whimsicott.
    Yeah the first one is definitely better. Second one lacking Special Attack and the right ability is very unfortunate.
    Well level 1 stats usually don't say much outside of extremely broad ranges, though in this case Carnivine will always have a 6 in SpDef regardless of IV unless it's a -SpDef nature.
    Hypnosis would have a ton of surprise value but given how inaccurate Hypnosis is and the fact that sleep lasts only 1-3 turns, there's a lot of risk involved.
    All of those egg moves are great moves, but unfortunately neither Gallade nor Gardevoir really make effective use of any of their egg moves (with the exception of Destiny Bond Gardevoir sometimes). Shadow Sneak has some value due to the fact that it's a priority move but it's not much of a game changer due to lack of STAB, so it's rarely used. Shadow Sneak and Destiny Bond both could have some use though there's typically better options.
    Hm, well Wonder Room doesn't really accomplish much, especially since Gallade has much more balanced defensive stats, even if they aren't that strong to begin with. Gallade tends to perform better with Swords Dance and generally wants that coverage slot to deal with not getting walled. Bulk Up/Substitute/Drain Punch/filler could be an option though, not sure how well Mega Gallade pulls it off. Regardless of set though, 252 Att / 252 Speed is probably the best EV spread for it. The fact that it doesn't have a speed boosting nature is tough regardless though, since the base 110 speed tier is incredibly important these days.
    Well don't talk about cheating device obviously, like you already knew, there's an infraction for that.

    Besides, the thread is for talking about your hunt, not your cheating device :p
    Aaaawh, I'm kinda envious now! Shaymin was one of my targets before until I drifted away from shiny hunting... After 2 months I didn't get it... :/

    Don't worry, I also used an AR to get the event item. But don't be too mad at the guy; I don't think he knows you very well, and some people are harder to convince than others. I don't think he meant to bother you when he said that. :p
    Congratulations on your Darkrai, TheMaster! Such an amazing shiny! :D It kinda motivated me to shiny hunt again.
    What's your next target ? Are you back to the birds again ?
    Oh wow. That's a lot of resets if you are used to oras shiny charm odds. I know the feeling though. When I was going for kyogre, it took me 14,000 some to get it. Just keep pushing through and you will get it!
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