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  • I have about 200 shinies or so that I have been working on for like 5 years on my oras games. I can't believe he would be such an a-hole and play that joke. I was soooo mag but at least now I can go back to hunting!
    Arceus is considered illegal even as a non-shiny, as the event item is never released. The others should be fine, I think. But it would be better if you ask the people in the thread as well.
    Congrats on getting Landy and Xatu! I guess you either caught the original Darkrai/Shaymin or never got the events? Well good luck on getting them to shine! Also thanks for the congrats on Jigglypuff!
    Well if it's VM/PM it probably wouldn't be a big deal but I'd suggest asking Shine about this since Shine is the one keeping a close eye on that thread. Arceus is definitely something I'd avoid posting in the thread though, the other two I'm not too sure.
    Well anything obtained by Azure Flute is considered illegal so it generally tends to be frowned upon. Posting that one in the thread would probably spark a lot of controversy that would probably not be worth it in the end. Darkrai and Shaymin are iffier cases since for all intents and purposes they're technically legal. Not sure how people would react to those. I'm sure someone has talked about getting a Platinum Shaymin sometime in the past, though.
    Which 3 would you be putting in? Oak's Letter and Member's Card of course, unless you really want to put in Azure Flute or something.
    I did not, I haven't been watching the shiny thread as much as I used to, only looking in occasionally every now and then. Assuming you mean the Xatu?
    Oh, well that's good at least. The last two shiny legends I got in ORAS got the three perfect IV's where they should be but Timid sync failed on both of them. Not like Reshiram is remotely good though.
    Yeah, I saw! Congrats on Lando! See, I told you it wouldn't be that bad! :D
    Good luck with the birds!
    I don't know, I tend to idle a lot in the chats that I already am in regularly. I'll think about it, though.

    That's good, what nature were you going for?
    I don't know, I haven't done any dedicated shiny hunting in a long time and I'm mainly preoccupied with other things lately. Not sure I'd do much.
    5000 isn't THAT bad, TheMaster! You've been into harder hunts before! :D My Cresselia also seemed to hate me for some reason... I don't know! :/
    I liked that one you just posted very funny if you do not know what I mean I'm talking about the what would if you was bored in Wal-Mart
    Nice! Good luck with Landorus, I really hope it doesn't take as long as some of your recent hunts! Especially now that you have SSB 3DS since that will be tempting to play. Thanks for the congrats on Darkrai!
    Thanks for the support. I'm really mad at myself. I should have controlled my reflexes better. Oh well. I got landorus on my OR after I got tornadus. I pokebanked my BW thundurus in and sr'ed for landorus while still hunting thundurus. It's nice having 2 3ds's. I hope we both get these pesky shinies soon!
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