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  • Eeek. That IV spread is absolute garbage! I'm thinking about one day trying to get the legends that I had already shiny before oras again to see if I can get better natures. The guaranteed 3 max IV is nice too. I haven't been on in a while so I don't know if you know. I completed the lake trio (had to end up master balling stupid azelf) and got heatran within like the first hour or2 of hunting it. So I started on the unova weather trio. Jessy got tornadus this morning so I'm currently dual hunting for thundurus and landorus. Once I get them 2, the last shiny legend I need is Raikou. I got the other 2 from the events but missed Raikou. I hope Cresselia shines soon for you! She took forever for me to get in B2W2!
    Congrats on finally getting Cresselia to shine! She was being really stubborn but at least you have her now :D Good luck on your next target and hopefully it won't take as long to shine!

    Also I did a silly thing, I accidently posted this message on my own visitor messages by accident XD oops!
    Technically chatbox WAS broken for a lot of people. There were still a bunch of forums that had the 'write message but it doesn't show up' stuff, among other things :p.


    and chatbox died again for me, lovely |D.
    They got a new chatbox on forumotion, but they have massive bugs. The chatbox lets you log in but it won't let you type, so they know the issues.
    Yeah and I'm trying to install a new chatbox but that one doesn't work either so until they get their crap together I'm done for now xD.
    Okay chatbox just went weird and I can't do a damn thing about it. The refresh button is gone D:

    EDIT: Nevermind it ****ed up again.
    Congrats on you CH idea getting picked! Hopefully that Cresselia decides to stop being so stubborn. Crescent Island appeared in my Alpha Sapphire today and I'm debating on whether I should go for it or not. I'm SRing for Eevee for my BQ in Soul Silver. Eevee is currently at 5000 SRs.
    I saw your idea! You didn't need to message me to convince me. I think your idea is great and clever! :D I posted my vote.
    Heeey, I tried my best, you know! The categories had to be as big as possible! >:[
    Is this actually a formal vote here? Original ideas are are always interesting so I can voice an opinion if necessary.
    Good luck on finding that beautiful lunar legendary! I can totally see why you want to go for a second one. That's something that I myself am conflicted about. I don't know if I should go for a second Feebas since I messed up on it's ability and can't change it. Also I don't know if I should hunt for all of the legendaries I've been hunting on my old games in Alpha Sapphire (The ones that haven't shone yet). On one hand I love the fact that in ORAS they're guaranteed three flawless IVs but on the other hand, I can hunt all of the legendaries in my older games at full odds. Anyway once again good luck on Cresselia! Hopefully it doesn't take too long for it to shine for you.
    Congrats on finally getting that rascal Tornadus! I bet it's a big relief that you finally got him! Also thanks for the congrats on my Zekrom :D
    He's already banned xD Sorry that I was away when it happened, it's exam week so I was preparing for it.
    Oh a Dusk Ball would look nice with shiny Tornadus! Also yeah that's an amazing Manectric you have, you were pretty lucky to find one with HP Ice. It was quite a beast in that battle too!
    I feel your pain. :( Registeel isn't shining for me either. I think after I get the last 2 Regis (Registeel and regigigas) I will try to get thundorus, tornadus, and landorus. I'm on a shiny legend streak right now. I will either go for them or the lake trio
    :( Hopefully it shines soon for you! Those SRs seem really tedious but at least your not stuck there and can take a break to do something else, unlike in Black and White. Also I enjoyed that battle you had with crashandcortex, it looked like it was a lot of fun and it was fun to see you both using your shinies to the best of their abilities. Again, I really hope that Tornadus decides to shine for you soon, it'll be a huge relief and a great feeling when it does shine! Any specific ball that you're planning on catching it in?
    Damn. I'm working on Registeel now. I got regirock really quick (within first hour of trying) and it probably took me 6 hours total or so to get regice. Now I'm working on Registeel and he is being a pain. I hope you get your shiny weather man soon! :)
    Thank you!
    I'm honestly just so glad I could move on in Alpha Sapphire. I was just done with the Delta Episode when the Crescent Isle appeared! So now I can finish to enjoy what was delayed by my beautiful Cresselia! <3
    What's next ? Well, as I said in my post on the thread, Buneary will be my main focus (I really want that pink rabbit!) on Diamond (at 1050 eggs hatched so far). After my little pick up on Alpha Sapphire is done, I will start SRing for Ho-Oh on HeartGold!

    Good luck with Tornadus! :D
    I am slowed down by school, and the small time I got for my hunting went for Buneary (which I'm hatching another batch as we speak), so it didn't progress much. However, if I manage to hatch all the eggs tonight, my total will be brought to 1050 eggs, which is a pretty decent amount. ;)
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