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  • Thanks! Hopefully that Tornadus doesn't take too long for you, long SRs can be excruciating, good luck!

    As for King Raichu, yeah I figure he was just a troll trying to bring us down and cause chaos by trying to get us shiny hunters to turn against each other. Didn't work though and now he's banned!
    Could be better. It just looks like it doesn't want to shine! I'm eager to start other things but Cresselia just seems to be... something in my path! I'm at like 28 days into that hunt, and about 120 hours deep. And people on the shiny thread seem to get her so easily! D: This is frustrating... Hoping to get her soon, what else can I say!

    Good luck for Tornadus. Hopefully another nice hunt for you. You've been doing quite well in your past hunts, I think you deserve a pleasant one. ;)
    Well.... I got my shiny voltorb at a chain of 152 after my 300 broke chain. And it exploded. It was level 32 and I read that they did not explode until 33, but that was for XY. :( working on it again now. That was my first ever failed shiny
    I had a 330 Meditite chain break and another like 280 chain break for it as well and now my voltorb was around 280 too when it broke. I almost gave up and said I'll just make my last BQ shiny a corphish but I decided to not give up on voltorb. I came this far!
    Omg congrats!!!! I'm glad your sync worked! My chain for voltorb broke after about 280 encounters cuz my thumb slipped. I had been working on it ALL day too. :(
    Geez. No fun. :( I tried to make this a quick BQ by Dexnaving most of my Shinies along the way. I decided this morning that I'm going to dexnav voltorb as my last BQ shiny instead of hunting in shoal cave to make it quicker so I can finish the game and hunt legendaries. I'm ata chain of about 120 right now and counting. Hopefully it isn't as long as my meditite hunt was... 349.....
    Yeah, congrats on the golden Latias! Such a gorgeous shiny. I have one myself, glad you can enjoy its beauty, too! :D
    Wish I had a little more luck for Cresselia... If I don't get a shiny before the end of the holidays, I'm going to be disappointed... :(
    What's next ? ;)
    Congrats on that awesome timid Latias! No I'm not Lana, I'm always Abby in my games (except in the original files in the original R/S) :) Also I finally just got Alpha Sapphire earlier today! I'm looking so forward to SRing for Zekrom :D although I'm currently addicted to the DexNav. Good luck with your next target!
    Oh. Haha. I did get it yesterday. I just was so tired that I guess I deleted the part that said that I was going to chain fish wailmer and get it tomorrow (aka today). And well... I did get it! In like 10 encounters or so! Now I think I'm going to do my last hunt in shoal cave
    Yay!!!!! Shiny Baltoy is so pretty! I'm all hunted out for the night song as i spent 8 1/2 hours on meditite today and 6 on it yesterday. I will just get it tomorrow.
    I hope you had a Merry Christmas!!! Did you ever get your Baltoy???? I skipped a shiny before Fortree and am trying to DexNav a Meditite from Mt Pyre and then chainfish a Wailmer in Mossdeep to catch up. I have failed 3 times at Meditite over the past few days. My thumb slipped the first 2 times and I got to a chain of about 330 last night and ran out of PP. So I am trying again and hope to get it so I can move on! I am lucky that I already have a lot of the legends shiny so I can just focus on the ones I don't have already once I am done with this BQ. I plan on dual SRing all the ones I don't have shiny.
    Yeaaah, congrats on that little baltoy of yours! :D Was it the thing you were after the most ? Just curious!
    What is next ?

    Could have some of that luck for my Cresselia, though!
    That's so unfair! Especially with the new shiny odds! I managed to get 4 Shinies today between my OR and AS... I chained Vullaby and found Whismur while horde hunting on my AS and then found Numel and I just chained a Spinda for my OR BQ 3 and 4. :( and all you want is a little sparkly baltoy... I really do hope you get it and soon.
    I hope not! I have been in the Fiery Path for a while myself (not counting the encounters though but it has been since the 14th...) I'm really hoping for Koffing for in Fiery Path and then I plan to chain Numel outside the Fiery Path. I hope I get Koffing soon and get lucky with Numel! I haven't been too lucky with DexNav... It took a lot of tries for my Skitty for my BQ....
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