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  • Well, if you still want to do a joint shop, all you have to do is ask a mid to out some posts in, most of the time they'd do it. I think it's be great to have a joint shop with you :)

    I can trade right now; if that works for you?
    yea this 5th gen really changed a lot of stuff, im still trying to adjust as well haha

    anyway sent the roamer abuse pm, lemme kno if u have any questions and good luck!
    lol seriously? man that pic makes me look like a wimp haha

    anywho! i do have a jolly zekrom, 31/31/31/x/31/31, maybe since u cant get thundurus u cant get a zekrom either? im gonna redo my white for a diff zekrom as well, maybe mix? ideas r welcome....

    also, in ur opinion, whats the best nature for a special eelektross? and for mix? lol i cant decide, input would be nice, thanks!
    yea no prob, thanks and ill pm/vm u once i get things ready here, anything else that might interest u since ill be moving pokes around?

    lol btw, just curious, is that u in the pic?
    The victini and frillish sound cool, if it's okay, I'll snag a copy of those?

    Chandelure, and Hydregion are probably the coolest :c

    Well, some ideas, NP Riolu, Close Combat Arcanine. As for captures... You could do a jolly hustle durant (it has a nice hone claws set), Brave Golett, Brave Crimigan, stuff like that


    And of course I can clone it, it's the least I can do :)

    As for the Kyurem, I actually justgot one yesterday :s
    (oh, and your chandelure kicks ***)
    I don't know about the encounter slots in relation to the ivs or nature, so I dunno

    And quick ball please
    Oh haha, I was wondering what you were doing.

    As for pokemon, think you could catch me a Timid HP Ice Compoundeyes Joltik?
    Haha it's okay. Ill meet you on the wifi.

    Oh, and I'm assuming you wouldn't mind me giving you a 30/31/31/x/30/31 jolly immunity gligar?
    Yeah, I am. Have a junk poke ready, i'll give you two clones so you can do different sets

    My fc is 3181 5516 3483
    Damn, just missed you. I'll be on for another couple hours, so just VM me.

    And yeah, I was referring to the PPRNG
    Thanks for the Snorlax and enjoy the Ferrothorn. Dont hesitate to ask for another trade and good luck with 5th gen rng
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