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Jul 16, 2020
Feb 11, 2010
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Jul 16, 2020
    1. TheWanderingMist
      I know you deleted it. I'm not stupid. I had to separate it into 4 posts and I'm not doing it again. You also deleted your own posts in the SM144 thread. You're not very good at being sly.
      1. Dragalge likes this.
      2. TheNewGuy
        Honest to god, I logged on and didn't see anything. My guess is the posts in the thread were deleted.

        I do not delete content like that just to stifle debate...look at some of the other garbage I've kept around on my profile. My guess would be somebody else deleted it, ie a mod.

        And honestly since I am utterly in the right it would be bizarre for me to do so. You made provably false statements.
        Oct 20, 2019
    2. Alexander18
      I appreciate it if you don't call me a coward or arrogant. Next time, send me a message instead of insulting me on the Anime Spoilers thread.
    3. TheNewGuy
      Sadly I don't even consider this a debate, it was just me defending myself from your blatant character assassination. Way to be mature by implying I get some kind of sexual joy from it. Guess I'll start accusing you of writing fanfiction involving you and a Haunter in a compromising position, since I've got about as much proof as you have for that.

      Also, "trolling"? Please, is every politician, barrister, or member of a debate team a "troll"? You will meet argumentative people in life, bro. Stop being so arrogant that you think you can change them, or that what they are doing is so wrong in the first place.
    4. Haunter ゴースト
      Haunter ゴースト
      Im going to stop replying now since your probably creaming really enjoying this 'debate' we're having over VM.

      Good luck in your trolling argumentative lifestyle.
    5. Haunter ゴースト
      Haunter ゴースト
      It's called a simple discussion, the majority of people here talk about the show and often chat generally about everything, yeah you get the odd argument, but even then the person arguing often agrees that they have there own opinions.

      Don't take it personal, but your the ONLY person on this forum who is practically asking for arguments and demanding answers and responses to everything somebody posts which you disagree with.
    6. Haunter ゴースト
      Haunter ゴースト
      I'll keep this short and sweet.

      Your missing the point, she said she didn't want to length the discussion so finished "in my opinion" saying her ideal thoughts. She didn't deny yours, but simply said her own.

      You say you accept peoples opinions, yet argue if you disagree. Your contradicting yourself straight away, you don't have to argue at all, your aloud to disagree, but there's nothing saying you have to argue.
    7. Haunter ゴースト
      Haunter ゴースト
      Hardly disrespectful if she told you she's not bothered yet you still reply with incredibly long boring posts, the paul meter? why the hell was you cramming that in her face so much?

      Forums can be for discussion, but they most certainly don't have to be, they can be a place to relax and express opinions and ideas as such, obviously you love causing arguments debating, but a lot of people on here don't, especially when your not even willing to accept anybody elses opinions.
    8. Haunter ゴースト
      Haunter ゴースト
      Not really, i have no reason to stalk you whatsoever.

      I decided to browse through the DP second half thread and noticed that, once again your practically harrassing lilytwo with long paragraphs and ridiculous posts despite her saying she has her own opinion and you have yours.

      Drop it.
    9. Haunter ゴースト
      Haunter ゴースト
      I like stubborn people, it means we can go at arguments like this for longer. :D I enjoy them.
      LOL I remember you, it's funny how you never admitted this at the time.

      It's also really funny how people are saying the exact same thing I said to you.
    10. Josef Stylin
      Josef Stylin
      1) I have yet to see Haunter, Sceptile and that other one whine at me for "attacking" LilyTwo's opinions. This is mature debate, Haunter: take note!
      Will you stop bringing that up? I'm honestly not giving a crap about that thing, as I've forgotten about that and moved on. You still choose to bring that up and call us out. So far, you've been doing much more whining than us and guess what? We're still the whiners!

      Consider yourself blocked, buddy. If you can't let a single argument go, you're clearly not the kind of person that I'm going to put up with.
    11. Haunter ゴースト
      Haunter ゴースト
      I replied to you on Ash vs Paul on the first page of the thread again.
    12. streetlightdsb
      Got to say man, kudos to you for keeping on poizonstings arse about Infernape. I gave up a while back; the guys completely deluded!
    13. Alex Pt
      Alex Pt
      Yeah great game, you've got a great team there
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