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  • Usually, I don't replay a game until way later. Now I replay any gen older than 5th gen, and using pokemon from other regions is fun. As for Black, there was not much struggle. I spammed Coil and Leech Seed on Serperior, and sweeped N completely. Totally worth it.

    Yeah, the Islands were fun. Even Trainer Tower was a bit fun. The islands were also great for the pokedex as well. They should add an area like Sinnoh's Battle Zone.
    The most annoying thing was that the two unevolved pokemon on my team did so one level after I beat the game. I've planned a team for the next game, but the last slot isn't set in stone. Whatever water type I can find after Drayden will be fine with me, but I'm using the same starter. I just can't use the other two, for some reason.

    What I want to see is more rival battles, especially with Wally. And more post game exploration, too. I'm sure we will get that, though.
    The one thing that scared me was that the last chance for me to improve my SAT scores is on October 6, the day before B2/W2. If it had been even a week later, I'd have been so mad. I didn't spoil any of BW for myself, and my team ended up with Seperior, Simipour, Crustle, Klang, Vanillish, and Unfezant by the time I fought N. Rough play, but I beat it a week before my friends. :p

    As for B2/W2, the only thing still secret to me are battles with Plasma and Hugh, as well as every song in the game. Those are the only things I won't spoil.
    I used to love long distance races, but at the end of 8th grade, I magically learned how to do hurdles, and my abilities in long races became worse. I run 300m and 110m hurdles, but 300m is way too tiring for me in a hurdle race. I'm better at short sprints, but there's way too many people in those races that are better than me. That, and most people are too scared for hurdles, so it's easy for me to get in.

    I agree. Workouts get less fun and more difficult as the years go by. It's no fun that we have practice after school each Monday during the season. I was mad the Monday after B/W came out because of that. Good thing B2/W2 come out before the season starts!
    Wow, and I thought it was humid here. I've only ever seen one person collapse in my time in sports, and it was a 3 mile race in the high-90's, with huge hills, so it wasn't too surprising that someone would collapse. We've never cancelled a season, though. What events are you in?

    Well then, friend request accepted! :D
    Oh, yeah, I forgot that. I stopped doing cross-country junior year because 5+ miles a day in hot weather is too much for me. I'm in preseason track now, though. Pretty cool, though almost scary how similar we are. I'm sure you wouldn't mind a friend request, would you?
    So, let me get this straight: we have the same first names, both find Pre-calc rather easy, and even have the same favorite pokemon listed? Not to mention we live on opposite sides of the country? Lol, if so, we sure have a lot in common.
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