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  • I really want to battle you, but I dont have a wireless router at the moment, but I will use this time to build the most epic team you have ever seen.
    well, what i believe what im going to do is write it in the sense of a flashback. kind of looking back to the events of the supposed today. it gives me a bit more creative flow with the ability to add in all of you guys where necessary or wanted. so i mean, whoever you think will fit best into that kind of format.
    I'll probably be able to battle you this weekend. I may have a date on saturday, so let's say sunday afternoon?
    You're definitely better with naming your Pokemon. The best I can do is Julius P., my Jellicent, and I guess that doesn't make sense without a backstory.
    Honestly I was already mentally preparing for a tie-breaker when Queen came out (I forgot Don was only your third)
    Ok, I'm coming back (since I went out to check natures). I don't mind you switching, but others might. I think you have the same problem as the rest of us, the new leaders. We're all still experimenting what works best (heck I haven't won a single battle with my psychic team).
    Absolutely none. I hope you would know that I wouldn't cheat like that. Having EV trained pokemon in a casual match! That's why I don't use Cuddles anymore, since I got it in a trade and it seemed EV trained. The most I use are vitamins. I got the Electivire from the wii game and Hydra I raised myself from an egg. Electivire has an adament nature and Hydra has a quirky one
    FC can be found in my gym post or if you are lazy go to my signiture and copy down the side closest to Zekrom.
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