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  • gah, sorry i /still/ haven't gotten the su done. will definitely get it done tomorrow! i hope i haven't held you back, i can jump in whenever so no need to wait or anything.
    Heeey, Sequel! Sorry I haven't finished my SU for the Guild yet - I do still plan to do that, if it's not too late. Catching up on posts first, but I should have time for SUs on Saturday. Would that work?
    Yeah, that's fine. We're getting ready to move out on our first quest at the moment, but It will be easy to have your character hop into the party.
    Oof sorry about not working on my SU. I really wanted to join it as I like the idea of it and life got to me lol. Unless I am still able to complete which well...I don't know!
    No worries. We're still waiting for everyone to get their intro post in and it looks like it'll be sometime this weekend before that happens. You've got a reserve/WIP, so even though sign-ups are closed to new applicants, you can still jump in and complete yours if you find the time.
    I just wanted to let you know that I still want to be a part of The Guild but I'm very ill right now so I might be a little slow finishing my SU :(
    Hey, no worries. It'll be about a week before we start and you've already got a reserve. And if you need more time than that, I'll work with you. The good thing about the RP structure is players can easily come and go anytime we're between missions.
    Oh perfect! I'll try and get some work done in a few days. Thanks for being so understanding.

    People are getting Pokemon Sprites from there.


    And getting anime character models from there.

    You do have to make an account.
    You do not have to actually buy the items. There's a button on the bottom of the avatar maker that says 'What if I had all the items?' you click that, and you can use all the items. You do have to make a base avatar first.
    Before outlining my character's history for Soul Sacrifice, it would help to know more about the geo-historical setting we're working with. Any insight would help, thanks!
    I'm looking at the RP you posted, and I have a question. To what extent can one's body be altered by magic/being an Archfiend? Would it be possible for one's body to take on a more animal-like appearance, what with the ears and a tail?
    Hey, I wasn't sure if you had seen it, but I have started a Discord chat room for us if you want to join. The link is in the discussion thread.
    Yeah, that's kinda why a while ago I did make a few characters for people to interact with in the digimon rps. I just happenned to think Aria and Deneb might get along well when I thought about it. I am almost done with a post for Unholy Crusade right now so I will be leaving Deneb open for interaction.
    Hey, I think I 'd like to do some interactions between Deneb and Aria sometime soon. Not sure how Aria would feel about Deneb, but I think Deneb would take a liking to her.
    Hey hey hallo. just dropping by to tell you that i won't be able to finish the SU for your RP anytime soon. Going on vacation with mother tomorrow and comes back next Tuesday.
    Really? That's awesome! I can sing and write decently, but I never had a knack for song writing. The best I figured I could do for Deneb was take existing songs and alter the lyrics for the setting.
    Agreed. Hope I can hold up to that tradition then.

    Huh, okay. I got a few too, but the one that's seen most use is Suranuras (originally Solarines, who I sometimes change to Shula or Solaris now depending on the setting).

    I saw it. Plan on writing a post a little later. My arm hurt for a bit from typing too much so I'm going to take it easy on the typing and thus take a bit. (Also might do a Civil War post first because Sura is going to go and introduce herself to Jericho)
    Oh. Ha ha, good thing then. You're welcome! I'm glad you were. Can't wait fod the interactions, especially Jericho with the Empire siblings and Valentina with Versa.

    By the way... I realized her name is exactly the same with the witch from Mosaic when I read it. That on purpose, I'm guessing?

    oh and managed to edit frost's su
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