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  • My school's got sort of a big show where we put a bunch of skits, dances, and songs together. We all refer to it as "the play". We're practicing for it these few weeks. The entire school takes part, but its a tiny private school anyway. The skits are actually a lot funnier than one would expect, and everyone has fun.
    Hey dude, not to nag or anything, but are you getting round to reffing me vs. James at some point? Just wondering, if you're too busy we can look for a new ref is all. Thought I should clear it with you first though.
    About the Persona RP: I know it's a very minor detail, but I could have sworn that Miss Mia's class was assigned to read the Odyssey the first day, not the Iliad. I guess I must have confused you by having Zuri read part of the Iliad after class the previous day. ^_^'
    (Would've put this as an OOC comment, but I want to wait until either Manaphy Mare or InnerFlame posts before I do.)
    I don't have enough time as a writer to do those things, but I wish I could. Oh well, maybe when I'm out of college, I'll have more time.
    Hey, I am finally back.
    Sorry I left without warning but the comp was freaking out on me. So, what have I missed in the RPG?
    Hello TSR! I just want to apologise about shouting about missing all the action in your Persona RPG. I think that was just me being frustrated as usual about missing stuff. Of course, now things seemed to have calmed down a bit, and that is good. Finals are coming up in some colleges and such, so it's understandable.
    Hey, just wanted to mention I've signed up for your Persona RPG. There don't seem to be any other sign-ups on hold, so I was a little worried you weren't looking at the sign-up thread anymore. In any case, thanks for your time!
    Hey are there any Arcana spots left open in your persona RP? I quit this other RP so im not so busy anymore, if possible I'd like to re-join yours.
    It's going pretty well for me. I'm trying to finish this one sign-up I need to do, and also am working on a fanfiction...

    How's things for you?
    I just want to say I really want to join that Persona RPG (I really like that game) but I can't. I'm in too many as it is. My mind will just explode trying to keep up with that and the ones I already have. I wish you good luck with it though.
    I'm pretty well right now.

    No problem.

    Well, whatever floats your boat.

    Yep, I was having one of those "I wonder if I can do this" moments and well, I did. Though I thought for sure that I might have to re-backtrack once I got to Ikana Well, because those Gibdos sometimes ask for items that require other temple beating, thankfully they didn't.
    hey, TSR, how have you been?

    About the LoZ RPG, I was wondering, maybe we should do a time skip to the temple. What do you think? Or would you rather wait a bit longer for other players?

    Also, randomness from me, I decided for whatever reason to complete the temples backwards on Majora's Mask...AND SUCCEEDED!!!!
    Hey sorry but i had to clear my inbox and lost the plan we had for the rp, could you re-send it to me plz?
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