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  • Hope you don't mind Sura knowing Jericho like that.

    also will edit my dante's/frost's su when i can as my connection's a bit slow at this time of writing
    Have you been able to contact anyone over it? I also have to submit messaged (hit post message) twice for the VMs, after which it takes me back to the "hey you need to wait before messaging again" screen.
    UGH. I still can't view these threads! I just want to review the posts and signups!

    Any luck on your end?
    yeah i can click into some pages but not others. I can sometimes view my profile, other times it just spins out forever.
    hey there. are you able to access the forums? I can look at my profile, send messages, etc. but I can't actually click in to a thread.
    I really like Jericho by the way. I think him and my Ryia would proved to be an interesting mix in Civil War. Two old war tanks with different backgrounds. Granted Ryia is going to have to get over her prejudice of digimon from the Metal Empire first.
    Why do I get the feeling that both Stein and Tessa are off in their own little world while everyone else argue who can and can't fight? Just a cute quirk I'm noticing in both of them.
    Its a weird request, I''ll say that right off the bat. I think I'd have to get more details first before making a call.
    My goal with the write ups was to capture their core while also keeping them simplified enough and allowing you guys to pick them back up if you wanted. Or at least (in SMBs case) create two distinct versions that were royal knights and then not.
    Yeah there was a lot going on. And the more I tried to figure things out the more complicated they got. So I decided to restart things so that everyone had the same opportunities but we were able to simplify continuity/history and set up things in the future better.

    I tried. Duo might be more appropriate for a soldier of Greystone, but that comes up with other characters, so I wanted to add something new there.
    The reboots are essentially my effort at creating a cleaner universe for the rest of the sequels and such. There was a ton of inconsistent mythology and history in both the UCverse and the CWverse. The reboots let me clean everything up.
    Lucia (QueenChessmon) - Born to the royalty of the Black Chess Kingdom, Lucia rejected her teachings and upbringing, opting instead to daydream and wander the outskirts of the Chess Kingdom. She relished her sense of independence and adventure until she finally gathered the courage to leave the war behind and leave future rule to her younger sister, Victoria. In her travels, she ended up in the kingdom of Kaladesh, marveling at their innovative and adventurous spirit.

    Duo (Gaiomon) - Born in the kingdom of Ama, Duo trained as a warrior from a young age to serve his father's criminal interests. He later sought to distance himself from his father by setting out into the world and fighting for something other than himself. While in Kaladesh he served as a soldier, keeping the peace during large festivals and revelries. It was at one such festival that he met and befriended Trowa. The two would later join with Lucia to travel the world.

    Trowa (TigerVespamon) - Born in the magic and nature-haven of Glen Elendra, Trowa resisted digivolving out of his technology-based forms. He was impulsive and trigger-happy, which led to his banishment. He eventually settled in Kaladesh, where he would reconcile his interest in technology with his species predilection for elegance, all the while retaining his natural impulsive tendencies. There he partnered with Duo for a while until they met Lucia and, following her lead, ventured out into the world.

    Justin (Justimon) - Born in the kingdom of Halcyon, Justin trained among Halcyon's warriors and became a Justicar - a martial judge. But he soon learned that there was a more personal side to every misdeed. Conflicted, he relinquished his post and left to find the greater truth in the world. In Kaladesh, he became rivals with Duo after a misunderstanding led to a battle between the two; a battle which Lucia quickly put an end to. Marveling at her sense of self, Justin chose to follow her out into the world.
    I've started looking at the old-verse characters from UC-DA/PL and placing them on my map of Saga. And the more planning I do for the story the more I miss the old crew. Especially with my "big reveal" in the last post that the Guardians aren't the only Council-supported group standing against the Royal Knights. But yeah, I ended up really missing them once I started planning out some of their origins and backstories in the rebooted universe.
    Sure that's fine, I was wading through all the bits of convo to see what my characters would respond to last night. There's just a lot of people talking to consider.
    Haha, me too. I'm imagining a bunch of fun situations. Well, you never know. It's possible there might always be a chance at some point.

    Yup! That's cool. If you ever do feel up to continuing it, I'd definitely love to read it. No pressure though.
    Hahaha, that sounds amazing. I had a feeling that Lucia would be the type to be interested in her friends' relationships and I can definitely see Duo getting dragged along against his will. In that case, I think Pyra would take that in her stride but probably advise him against blowing stuff up. Then again, their first date would probably end up being a shooting range or paintball or going to a bar or something. Trying not to picture Duo getting hit with collateral paintball damage now.

    Well, I'd definitely read them if you did. I was really into A Simple Request. It's totally up to you if you have the time and willingness to write them though.

    I'm starting to get more free time as vacation approaches. Should be a good opportunity to catch up on my writing.
    Khep appeared in a bar fight (classic). Bedivere, Guinier, and Caradoc are royal knights - this was smb's original plan way back when...7ish years ago. I have plans concrete for pyra, the azur/dunk siblings, and Lucia for cameos. Duo is sorta represented by Theo (which I always confuse because you had Theo in Armored Core). Nicchi and Gigas also appeared as PCs for a very brief moment.
    lol, I find it really funny myself and the incident adds a little silliness to Theo's otherwise downcast and somber attitude. Kamotz threw me for a complete loop, when he wrote that. It took me a while to process the mental image.
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