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  • hhmmm, I may already have an idea for that charm, but I'll have to give it some thought.
    I will be happy to see what kind of trouble our two goofs will get into down the road. Anything I should know background info wise about the wooden trinket I'm assuming Stein is going to give Tes?
    I noticed some of the discussions on the old UC/CW characters. Some/most/all will be appearing as NPC cameos later on.
    Hah, sweet. (HoneyBeemon pun not intended) That does work. Yeah, it's too bad that they didn't talk more since I can see them having a good dynamic. I guess it's bound to happen in a big group that not every character gets to have a lot of scenes with every character. I get the feeling that Khep would be a bit jealous and mention "You know he likes to blow stuff up in his free time, right?", haha. I somehow get the feeling Lucia would be supportive?

    I missed my old RP characters, so I've started importing them into my Digimon story so that I could write them again. It's fun, but different, being in a different universe and all. Some of the old relationships with the other (non-mine) characters are necessarily absent.

    I'm kiiinda considering signing up for UC now that I have free time in my schedule again. Still not positive though since I don't have any characters in mind and I'd feel weird about using my old ones, so they'd have to be new. I'll think about it - maybe go through my character rolodex.
    Huh, I did wonder about that, back in the day.

    This might sound odd, but lately I've been wondering if Trowa and Pyra could work, together, haha. Don't ask why; I don't think they've actually had much interaction in the RPs, and she's already romantically entangled with Khep and Azur, but for some reason I think their personalities could be interesting together. That's just idle daydreaming though.
    Yeah, I loved the Trowa storyline in DA. To be honest, Trowa is probably one of my favourite characters of UC/DA. He and Khep made a great duo. Gunnar and Justin had great banter too. Who were the new trio? I don't recall that part.
    No problem! It'd be cool to RP with you again at some point. Those characters have a special place in my heart and there was definitely great chemistry between them. It's too bad we didn't get to finish DA. Would have been cool to see what the future had in store for everyone.
    Okay, I literally squealed with glee, when I saw you post in Unholy Crusade sign ups. I've come to adore Tessa's and Stein's budding friendship.
    Man, I really miss your Digimon characters. Trowa, Duo, Lucia, Justin, and Aakio, Versa, and Zen were all great. They had such great interactions and personalities. I guess I'm a bit nostalgic, haha.
    Hey, if you happen to see this message Sequel, Kamotz is starting up Unholy Crusade again. I'd loved to continue our friendship between Stein and Tessa if you had the time or interest.
    Hey, just wanted to let you know I still plan on posting in Mosaic. Work has just really crazy and draining, but I am getting caught up in my other rps and I am hoping to have something up by this weekend.
    Glad to hear it, just out of curiosity though, what do you plan to do? Continue with what's going on in the club house and then move onto whatever you plan to have Quinn do from there, or skip straight to whatever Quinn does after the meeting? I'm asking because Kitai speaks to her directly in my last post, even though he trails off when he sees Anima's notes, and I don't think Quinn ever gave him that sketch she drew of his fox form the night prior.
    Hoi, any chance you were going to post in Mythos soon? I don't know when Charred is gonna move things forward and I was hoping you'll be able to post beforehand.
    Heya! Say, i've wondering a bit about Mosaic - The World Mirror. Have you ever thought about setting up a Discussion thread like the other RPs have? Also, about the RP itself, are we allowed to post more than once before the GM does?
    Do you have a Halcyon post in mind? I'm hoping to get it moving a little faster, so I didn't want to preempt you.
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