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Dec 29, 2011
Jan 9, 2011
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Shine Soon!!

Theshinyhunterba was last seen:
Dec 29, 2011
    1. Theshinyhunterba
      Thank you very much!! I think I go to start a hunt in Ruins Valley (LG1)
      What is your current hunt? Good luck ^^
    2. ShinyDoug
      No need to apologize! I just didn't want you to get a strike. And wow, that's impressive! Congrats!
    3. ShinyDoug
      Congrats on Ratatta, but you triple posted. Just wanted to tell you before a coowner does.
    4. Theshinyhunterba
      Thanks! I have got 3500 encounters for shiny ponyta.
      Golett is a awesome shiny! I really like shiny Golutt.
      Well, good luck for your new hunt!
    5. ShinyDoug
      I read the guide on the main site and I was doing it right, I think. Oh well. He's not a competitive battler anyways due to nature. I'm hunting Golett on the 2nd floor of Celestial Tower. 100% Encounter Rate. Good luck with Ponyta!
    6. ShinyDoug
      Thanks! The nature kinda stinks, but I'll figure something out. I think I'll EV it in SpA, but I put 152 into Speed and it told me I couldn't use a Carbos on him, and that's kinda weird. I don't know if EVing him is really worth it.
    7. Ferfie
      Hey thanks, and seriosuly well done on your machop and Rapidash, they're awesome shinies, I'm gonna have to hunt them soon too.
      Um as for hunting in the Pokemon Tower, well anytime that i do an RE hunt, i tend to train a certain Pokemon that can benefit from the EVs of the Pokemon in that area, or just level up any Pokemon sometimes. I know it takes a few seconds longer per encounter, but it feels like I'm doing something productive while hunting. So on the 5th floor of the Pokemon Tower there's a healing spot so i don't have to go to a PokeCentre in order to heal up my Pokemon. So long story short, it was actually quite a bit easier/quicker for me to hunt there. But you might run into a Cubone instead, if you don't want that, I'd hunt in D/P/Pt in the Old Chateau, because Gastly has 100% encounter rate there.
    8. Theshinyhunterba
      Litwick?? Is my favourite shiny of 5th Generation!! It's a cool shiny :)
      I'm not play my Pokemon White very much, because I'm hunting in Kanto, but I really like the 5th Generation.
      Good luck for the Litwick, is a beautiful shiny ^^
    9. ShinyDoug
      Litwick with the people from the 5th Gen Shiny Thread. It's a big hunt. Congrats on Rapidash!
    10. ShinyDoug
      You're welcome! Do you plan on EV Training Machop?
    11. ShinyDoug
      Congrats on Machop!
    12. ShinyDoug
      Thanks! I'm hoping for a RE shiny while I'm EVing her in Special Attack and Defence
    13. ShinyDoug
      Thanks! It's such a cool shiny
    14. ShinyDoug
      No problem.

      I'll be able to speak better Spanish next year. I'm taking a full year course. How do you conjugate Vosotros? I never learned it.
    15. ShinyDoug
      Thanks, you too! If it's not too much trouble, could you reply on my profile? It's just a bit confusing.

      I'm taking a full-year Spanish course in 8th grade. I don't particularly like French, but I think Spanish is a great language.

      Unfortunately, I had a bad Spanish teacher and so she didn't teach us how to really say verbs in future tense. she just taught us to say ir in front of the infinitive. She also didn't teach us IR verbs. Just AR and some ER. Other than AR, ER, IR, and irregular verbs, are there any other groups of verbs in Spanish?
    16. Theshinyhunterba
      I'm in a English and French course at school ^^. I really like English.
      Yes, We're not like the French. The real English is not the English of American; the real English is in UK. Well, good luck for your hunts!
    17. ShinyDoug
      Oh, okay! I know some Spanish. Yo hablo "some" espanol. Gah! Where's the tilde (spelling?) on my computer? Forgot how to say some...

      I'm in a Spanish and French course at school. I'm in French now, and I'm starting to lose what I knew about Spanish. But imo Spanish is a more interesting language.

      By the way, most Americans don't much care about how people speak English. We don't even speak properly most of the time. We're not like the French ;)
    18. Theshinyhunterba
      Oh, thanks!! My native language is Spanish, I'm Spanish, but I like the English. I practise English in the school. I don't use translators ^^
    19. ShinyDoug
      Yeah, nice photo! And your English is fine! What's your native language?
    20. ShinyDoug
      Cottonee, Petilil, or Whirlipede, but for now I'm gonna beat White, then hunt.
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    Favourite Pokémon:


    My 2011 shinies:

    - Shiny Weedle, after 24.816 encounters. (LG1)
    - Shiny Hoppip, after 1.862 encounters. (LG1)
    - Shiny Fearow, after 7.510 encounters. (LG1)
    - Shiny Machop, after 8.816 encounters. (FR1)
    - Shiny Rapidash, after 1.612 encounters. (LG1)​