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  • Hi there~ ^^
    Long time no see. How have you been? I'm good. Just busy with university.
    I died for a while I'm alive again. Lost all my pokemon games for the most part and my shinies with them. Sad.
    Congrats! Shiny is still a shiny! ;-)
    Ah, I miss Pokemon. I haven't been able to play for a long time now... TT^TT
    Ah, That's pretty unlucky. Hopefully next time you'll be able to get Pikipek~ ^^
    Congratz! I love Mudbray. he is so cute. Told you sos chaining was fun~ ^^
    I got X six month after it's release and I got White 2 when every body was playing XY. It is still fun. And you didn't miss any event or fun PGL competition. ;-)
    I finished my first moon playthrough last night. The story an characters were anazing. I think you shoud give Pokemon SuMo another chanse. The SOS method of shiny hunting was fun too. I captured a shiny Rockruff last night~ ^^
    No no, You are coping my team! XD
    How far are you in the game? I just got to the third island.
    Sure! I'd love to battle! ^^
    TBH I love the Pokemon plaza, But PSS was definitely better. Pokemon Pelago is also very interesting.
    I'll leave shiny hunting for after I finished my play through.
    I also have a Rockruff on my team. And a Mudbray. ^^
    I'm glad to here from you again~ <3
    I've been extremely busy too. It's my last year of university and then my job is also very important to me.
    But yay~ New game!
    My favorite is Rowlett though I really like Popplio and Litten too. Since I purchased Pokemon Moon I think an owl would be a good choice! XD
    BTW! I haven't forgotten Lexi. It just that I didn't have much tome too hunt. I'll continue this hunt on my Moon version once I'm done with the game! Hopefully Pokemon moon will be Lucky and I'll get you your Lexi! <3<3<3
    Hello~ <3 <3 <3
    Where do you keep disappearing t? XD
    I've missed you! How are you doing?
    I've downloaded it yesterday, But I didn't have much time to play. Yeah unfortunately the are getting easier. :(
    There you go missing again. :(
    I hope where ever you are, You'll be safe and happy~
    I'll be less around for a month or so. Exams and such. I need a rest too. after the exams. TT^TT
    Thank god. I thought you were mad at me for Lexi. I just don't understand why my longest 6th gen hunt must be the one that I'm doing for a friend. >_<
    Really? Well. I'm excited for Sound and Moon, But since I loved the Kalos region , Its starters and Legendaries, I would have preferred Z too.
    Ah, books. I've bought a few 2 days ago and can't wait to start reading them. What are you reading at the moment?
    Hi there~ ^^
    How are you?
    Excited for Pokemon Sun & Moon? BTW, Which one do you prefer at the moment? :p
    I'm still Hunting for Lexi. I'm very sorry it's taking so long. Partly because I'm busy with my last year of university and my job, But I'll get her. I've put every other hunt and every other game aside just to get her. Wish me luck! <3 <3 <3
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