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  • Welp, Shiny Charm is like that. Lexi is a good example! XD
    Have you heard about the upcoming wifi/code events? I'm so exited. Mew is first starting from february 1st. If you're planning on going to gamestop to get yourself a code, could you get me a one too? pretty please? ^w^
    Hello~ ^^
    any new shines since you've gotten the SH.charm?
    My exam are almost over. Only 1 left. I'll start shiny hunting again. And I'll get that Lexi of yours this time! XD
    BTW, Have you played 'Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon'? It's AMAZING! I LOVE IT! I shouldn't have bought this game before my exams though. I couldn't resist starting it. LOL! XD
    This is very late, But... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~! ^^
    I wish you happiness and lots of new shines for 2016! And hopefully Lexi will finally shine and I could give her to you! XD
    I'll be back an 3 weeks after my exams. Talk to you then. ^^
    Congratz! That was a quick shiny! XD
    Lexi why you no shine? :))
    Though, I won't be able tot hunt for a while. Till my exams are over... TT^TT
    Missed you again...This is getting ridiculous! -_-
    Congratz on the oval charm though!~ ^^
    Hopefully I'll manage to catch you online! XD
    My exams are so close. I'll be less online for a month. TT^TT
    Sure, I don't need anything in return. I'm glad to help a friend. ^^
    I still need to trade you the fossils too. XD
    I'm sorry I've been busy these days, but I'll try my best to get everything ready for tomorrow, If it's ok?
    Lol and I missed you by 26 minutes. I have to sleep now, cause I need to get up early tomorrow, But I'll be online tomorrow night. talk to you then~ ^^
    I just remembered I was supposed to trade you some fossils. Sorry I forgot, But I can trade whenever you're free. ^^
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