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  • Good. Tierd. Handling my job and university at the same time is much harder than I thought. TT_TT
    My only shiny hunt at the moment is Lexi, Which refuses to shine. I might start a halloween hunt on the side. Probabley dexnav chaining a ghost type.
    Wonder trade wends days are great, But unfortunately it's 4:00 am for me so I only participated once. ^^
    You should count it. ;-)
    Almost forgot! I still have some of my spare breed Pokemon. If you want them I'll gladly give them to you. ^^
    Great, Good luck on your next hunt. ^w^
    Lexi is taking her time. XD unfortunately I have not much time for hunting, but hopefully it'll shine soon. I can't wait to get it and finally send it to you. ;-)
    3 already? wow! Congratz!! ^w^
    What are the other 2 shinies? XD
    You can SR Latias for a later badge. ;)
    hmm, for my shiny quest I caught these: Treecko(starter)-Poocheyena-Torkoal-Feebas- Beldum (the event one) and my shiny Reshiram. I had a regular Latios till I caught Reshi. Maybe you wanna try hunting one of these Pokemons? Feebas is easy to get with chain fishing.
    I'm trying my best for Lexi too.
    I hope you get it soon~ ^^
    No, still no luck (even with shiny charm) -_-
    I'm only hunting Lexi now. I don't have much time for Pokemon with both my job and university.
    Chaining doesn't guarantee a early shiny. You must have patience. I hope you get it soon though~ ^^
    I've hatched more eggs today, Still no sign of her. There is this competition for halloween soon. I hope Lexi shines soon, cause I need to breed and train a whole team for the competition. ^^;
    BTW, Please don't go hunting for one yourself. I really want to get Lexi for you!!!
    Yayyyyyy! congrats on 3DS, Y, OR and most important of all happy birthday~ <3 <3 <3
    I wish Lexi would have shone already!!!!! -_-
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