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  • Hi there! how are you? ^^
    I've started hunting for Lexi the shiny Lunatone. hHopefully she is not as stubborn as 2rsa! XD
    I have one last exam on monday. After that I'll have mo time hunting. Yay. ^w^
    Have you contacted Nintendo? Don't I've up, Maybe there is still hope! TT^TT
    XD i saw the stats but didnt like them...it wssnt till i checked online i found ut they were all 31 ZXD all good, i got one more special based, i dont use legends compettitvely anyhow.

    a black rayquaza would be great...even if it had 3 ivs of 0....
    stupid shiny lok
    What? How? NOOO. Oh well, hopefully you'll get another one soon. XD
    Hello there ^^
    I finally managed to get my shiny charm! ^^
    Let me know if you need help completing your dex. I've collected all the non legends and will try to get the legends later. ;-)
    I've started RAing for the eon ticket Latios now. ^w^
    And shiny Latios is mine!! :D
    Sorry I can't help. I'm sick and tired of this internet problem, But I can't do nothing against it. TT^TT
    Yeah you can use the GTS to trade with yourself ^^
    I wish I could help, But my 3DS isn't connecting to the internet again. TT^TT
    I hope not haha. I think Snivy will be a shorter hunt, but I have a feeling that Chimchar will probably break the year mark.
    Thank you <3 <3 <3
    No birthday shiny for me though, maybe next year! XD
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