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  • It happens, when people are ready to sacrifice a mon they keep it in so it could be killed.
    I see, you seem to have forgotten Weavile had Icicle Crash, and you used 2 Pokemon who are both weak to Ice back to back. But at least you still pulled the win from that match. High Jump Kick not missing is very lucky for you, because it could have been your downfall if it missed.
    It had to be a critical Sludge Bomb, because there's no other way, unless it was an under-leveled Talonflame.
    btw theShoveler forgot to message you you won third place in the el tournament so you get to pick your choice of your prize ;) swablu,wailmer or marill.
    hey shovleler don't forget about the tef league asterisk tournament we got 2 more days left before its over ;)
    Be right there buddy and i wish you the best luck, lets have a blast doing this tour battle!
    Hello there!
    I apologize for not responding right away, I was engaged in another Asterisk tour battle against another opponent, I am free to battle now if you'd like!
    yeah this little guys like 8 weeks old going on to 9 weeks now so he likes to get into everything XD but anyway I added you in the main front as well if you need anything changed let me know you can open your gym up now whenever you can :3
    hey shoveler just saying welcome to the tef league I should have you edit in by tonight sorry for the late response just got a brain new puppy and work of course :3
    I'm pretty sure all leaders end up on the challenger board for some reason. Plus this will be fun, I hear a challenger must defeat all 3 with 1 team. If they win against leader 1, and lose to leader 2, they're allowed to change 1 pokemon, but if they choose too do so, they'll have to re-battle any leader in the triad they've beaten. Badges are given after you've obtained all 3 wins.
    You we're suppose to apply as Gym Leader, not challenger. Lol unless you had other priorities :0.
    Glad to see your coming back and getting into things again :D
    I am too thank goodness. Still working on my teams though, but I think I may have come up with a pretty good dragon team. My steel team feels generic but idk what to do. I was average before I left and now I'm all rusty
    Second post under "Joining as a Gym Leader"
    And yes, I had to spell it out, just in case you asked. Lol
    Go to the TEF League first post and apply for the position. The Application is there and we would be unstoppable, I already owned a Rain Team without using weather.
    You should apply for the Bug Gym in TEF and be apart of Art and I's Triad with Water & Ground. We need a Bug user and Art said you wanted to get back into using Bug.
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