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  • i actually have a small favor to ask i know you were the rock leader before me so i know you have experience, could you be my apprentice, because i on vacation starting from next week and stay on it for about 3 weeks
    Good game, you got me with the bisharp, didnt think you were gonna stay for another low kick, so didnt used it ><. Didnt do good predictions
    not even obsessed with pokemon :p
    well not as intensely >.>
    just splatoon right now. I've never bought so much for a game b4. bought a shirt, the amibo, the game, a protection cover for my gamepad(its the only controller used for splatoon) oh and a headset so that I could be apart of this splatoon team when we start doing competitive battles :3
    nah not really, I haven't battled in about that long :p
    I'm alright. keep getting hit by storms off an on that have made us lose electricity/internet but other than that I'm good.
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