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Recent content by TheSilentBang

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    Heart Of Crystal!

    Can someone review please? Otherwise im/mods will lock it...
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    Hello there ^-^

    Hey there! Im not your age, im 9 years younger! But I live in Oldham if you know where that is? Anywho welconebto the forums!
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    4th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    Gonna start a SS nuzlocke! Gonna pick my starter of my trainer ID!
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    Heart Of Crystal!

    Cherrygrove City was a little less than an hour's walk from New Bark Town, but Kris had never minded the distance. It gave her an excuse to get outside and exercise, and there was always something more interesting to do Cherrygrove City than there was in New Bark Town. Though the day was still...
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    Hey guys! Ima gonna attempt to make a "Good" building on minecraft. Il post images when done!
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    Takero Region Fakedex

    Oh yeah! Sorry DX your drawings arent vad its just I didnt really realise! But like I said, keep it up! They're great!
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    Do something to the next person to post

    Blows Up NP's fridge!
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    Your turn in The Ultimate Quiz. You have 24 hours or its a DQ. Thanks!

    Your turn in The Ultimate Quiz. You have 24 hours or its a DQ. Thanks!
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    The Ultimate Quiz!

    Iiiiiiiiit's Right! Scalene was in fact the correct answer! Lets add your money! ~Ping, Audience applause~ Well then thats 600$ in your bank! So Totoro! ~Lights Dim~ How many films are there in the ‘Harry Potter’ series? Good Luck! New multiple choice bonus round...
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    The Authors' Profiles V.4

    Name: TheSilentBang/TSB/Calvin. Age: 14 Gender: Male Fiction Bg: 1 Story, 1 Chapter XD Fandoms You Write In: Pokémon, more soon maybe LoZ Types Of Writing: Adventure, may attempt comedy. Strong Areas: Cant say fo' sure! Types Of characterd: Caring Helpful, dangerous...
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    Your turn in Ultimate Quiz!

    Your turn in Ultimate Quiz!
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    The Ultimate Quiz!

    AND YOU'RE RIGHT! ~Audience applauses~ Now lets add 100$ into your bank! So now you have 600$ Dollars! ~Lights Dim~ Now onto DoggieDoggie, for 100$ answer this question correctly... What is the name for a triangle which has three sides of differing lengths? Good luck...
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    Review This Song, Then Post Another

    5/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqjKOL0N8ks KDREW--BULLSEYE! Also can someone VM/PM me how to change links to whatever I want them to say?!
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    [SCAN] New Pokémon revealed: Jinx's evolution

    Well it does look real. Look at images bottom right, where it shows it featured in battles!
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    What do you think is the worst Pokemon move?

    Well we all know splash is like the wor-- GREATEST FRICKIN MOVE EVER!