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  • Haha, join the club! I just visit every once in a while, check out the Anime speculation threads, maybe read the Recent Happenings threads and then bugger off :)

    Yeah they're good. Creative Writing is literally the subject you take for easy passes, and History is the exact opposite and is a nightmare to learn haha :) I took a BTEC in Law for a year and that's now what I'm off to study at university next year! So that'll be good. Oh nice! Wish I still had those kinds of teachers...

    Yep! So far, so good. Went Law > journalism, seemed better for me. Life has been up and down - my girlfriend broke up with me for another man and I've had some family drama going on, but I'm doing well academically and I'm happy enough outside of things. How about you?

    I did not, no. I never beat Moon! I tried to, got to the 4th island and got bored. Obviously now I'm not really in the mood to play it, but hey ho. I got some emulators on my phone for the third gen games, so I may try and beat those. To be fair USUM wasn't a new generation of games, other secondary titles like Platinum or BW2 added new Pokemon outside of just expanding the regional Pokedex.

    Absolutely, unless it's going on the Switch since I don't own one :/

    Neither can I, so you're fine :)
    Well it's alright because I failed the subject and can't do it anymore, so that's done :) Haha, fair enough! I haven't had a hot teacher since Year 9 Geography, damn... I guess my Year 11 History teacher was good looking too...

    I kind of have to go down journalism and multimedia now, because I failed English Lit I can't get into the uni's that teach History but the ones that do multimedia are fine :)

    Nope, I don't post much now. I've restarted Moon like 4 times now, and I bought it in November/December xD But my girlfriend is playing through it with me so it's chill :) I never beat ORAS either, think Mega Evolution and 3D graphics kinda ruined Hoenn for me a bit, wasn't a fan. But still, holding out hype for Gen 4 eventual remakes :D You should!
    Yeah we do poems, have 28 this year, another 20 next year and some of Keates' work which is just over-the-top in terms of poetry :) But hey ho. I read a bit of 1984, was pretty good :) Oh really? Why's that? Fair enough, bit annoying when teachers get pregnant but hey ho :) You never know if they'll come back.

    Yeah, got History + English, History + Politics, History + Philosophy, and then some other more random choices :)

    True, shame really :/ Was always fun chatting to him and doing stuff as a trio when it came to games. I just haven't had the inspiration to play anymore, I haven't even beat Moon/ORAS yet :O
    Aah, we have the choice between Lang, Lit and Lang + Lit :) I chose Lit because I hated Lang and the only bit I enjoyed was the Creative Writing bit, which I took as an A-Level :) 1984 was good, we watched the film in Year 11 for dystopian novel inspiration, and we do Strretcar as part of our work at A-Level. I like it enough, and my teacher is amazing :D

    Maybe :) History + journalism isn't a thing though, so it's one or the other. Who knows?

    You spoken to Drummerdude at all recently? Us 3 used to have some amazing playthroughs of games.
    I mean I chose it as an A Level, it wasn't a terrible idea but it's my least favourite out of the 3 I'm doing :) Yep, nightmare though to sort out :) Nope, no clue! That's the problem. I could go into journalism and multimedia, or History :)

    Haha :)

    Thank you :) That's one bit of coursework, I have more to do for English Lit and I'm looking forward to that even less. Along with UCAS (university) applications and the like. Not great when I don't know what I even want to do with my life.

    Nice going! Haha, enjoy it while it lasts :)

    Yeah, it is rather annoying. I haven't yet, nope :) I won't make a decision on that until... probably December time when I hand in my UCAS application. I do that if I go to uni, if not then it matters less but it's still useful.

    I'm glad to hear!
    I mean between the start of the German Imperial Empire (1871) through WW1, the Weimar Republic --> Nazi Germany/WW2 and after WW2 to the end of the Cold War. Oh really? That's cool :)

    Haha, I like that stuff too to be honest but I need primary sources from the time and didn't feel like trying to find that from 500-1000 years ago, much easier to do the last 200 :) I looked at archaeology recently actually with History for uni courses because I'm currently having a mental crisis over whether to go to uni or stay and do a diploma at my college in Journalism and Multimedia. Either that or History, not sure yet.

    That's good! I wish you luck :) Congrats!
    And what do you know, I changed my mind! I submitted my question about political stability in Germany this morning :) I liked the Cold War!

    Oh eww, hope you did alright then :)
    Yep! But we're done for the year now, moving onto coursework. I get to pick a time period of 100 years to study and create a question to do a 3000 word essay on. I've chosen (I think) the decline of the Ottoman Empire between 1822 and 1922. Well that's not so bad, I hope you do alright in them.
    Haha, that's cool! I just finished my final exam yesterday. Nah, they're not for everyone! But it's good. Our History we do 1857-1967, which is an interesting time frame. We also do American independence which I've found fascinating so far.

    Oh cool! That does sound fun :D
    I like History for the subject (that's the one I'll do at university), Creative Writing for the classmates (we have a Facebook group chat and I met my girlfriend there) and I don't really like English Lit much. It's the poetry aspect, just annoys me. Eww, that sounds complicated and painful haha, don't blame you for dreading it.

    Ooh that'll be fun! Portugal huh? Which part?

    Excellent, I'm glad to hear :)
    I'm doing History, English Literature and Creative Writing A-Levels :) It's good, but busy stuff and exams begin next week. Thanks! Yeah it's great and she loves Pokemon too (the TCG bit is from her, she's more cards and I'm more games) so it works. NY was cool, lots of amazing stuff! If you ever go I recommend checking out Nintendo New York, there's some impressive stuff there for all Nintendo games. California? Cool!

    That sounds fun! How's Business going?
    Haha, just life I guess. First year of college nearly done, made tons of new friends, in a 5 month relationship thus far, got back into Pokemon and into the TCG oddly enough and other bits just keep popping up that make things exciting! I'm off to New York on Friday with my college anyway which'll be good :)

    Oh wow, how's that been? What are you doing at university? I'm glad to hear!
    Holy **** man, yeah it's been ages! Haha, don't worry about it, stuff happens! I'm alright, life is moving in an interesting direction for me. How's it going with you?
    I thought so too. I found it on an app that I use to download background wallpapers for my phone xD

    Scotland? Yes. Ireland? Maybe. The Scottish will go first, although I don't think it's the best idea. We left, and the EU is about to enter turmoil. Why go back to that? The longer we take leaving the bigger the fear that Frexit, Auxit, Ixit, Porxit, Nexit and god-knows-what happens (enjoy figuring out what countries they are! Frexit is quite obvious I suppose). Leave said that £350 million a week was spent on the EU, but that's not actually true. They apparently said they'd use that money on our NHS, but they may not be able to do that. Hmph.

    Play something else. Do something new - I'm doing a monotype with my friends in XY, but I never got to level through the game as a monotype. It's something I'd like to do - ORAS, original R/S/E, HG/SS, BW all have good types that you can run with and enjoy. Maybe do a monotype! Or a nuzlocke. Or a single Pokemon challenge!

    It was. After prom was good too; me and my friend met up with some folks and drank WKD whilst listening to music at 2am. Good times. I am not gorgeous sadly, but I am tall :)
    Do they? Fair enough, guess I'm not the only one then. I like being cultured too - some say the world is a book, and those who haven't traveled have only read a single page.

    Yeah, I think some are starting to regret it; the two major parties of government have essentially ripped themselves apart and are now fighting to keep it together. The economy has apparently worsened a bit (to be expected though) and now a lot of what Leave were saying when picking up votes are either lies or they're saying they can't do it. Hmph. Plus yeah, Nigel Farage is a ****.

    Johto is alright, I quite like HG/SS. My issue is picking a team, as there's a lot of variety early on and I like spacing out my captures. You should definitely play through it though - what starter would you use?

    That sucks, but you're not that far away! It'll be alright.

    I had my prom yesterday! It was quite fun, although I hate singing/dancing. Took pictures with my friends and teachers, chatted a lot, ate, etc. Had my heart broken once more by the girl I really like who I asked out a year ago. But then my friend had something similar, so... yeah. It was good.
    Thanks! I don't really know why a foreign university is appealing to me; I suppose I want a complete fresh restart on things and become independent. Maybe it's my way of walking away from things at home. Who knows.

    I'm not 18, so no I could not vote. I'm 16, 17 this year. I'd have voted Remain had I been able to, mainly because I prefer playing it safe and... I just didn't believe we should walk away and hide from the problem. However, if we'd voted Remain we'd need to deal with the problems presented to us (immigration, the economy, tax differences between the upper and working classes). I'm cautiously optimistic towards Leave though, maybe in a decade or two we'll be grateful we did it.


    That's true. I'm a Gen IV fanboy, was the first set of games I beat as well. I'm semi-tempted to play through the games again (Platinum probably, maybe Pearl if I knew someone with no Diamond save and wanted to tag along with me) but I do have to sort out a competitive monotype in Y with my mates.
    Canada. Toronto is top 20 in the world for Hisitory, English Literature and some teaching course last time I checked. It's cold, has actual snow, the people are nice and speak English (except the few French Canadians) and their government seems stable compared to the British one (****ing EU referendum, load of bollocks).

    Thanks, done now so I'm happy. Have finally begun relaxing; today was our leaving assembly so no more school officially.

    Yeah, would be nice. I'm tempted to say Gen IV remakes but I don't want them to ruin them like they did with ORAS (I just didn't like those games).
    I'm counting on it, although I'm looking at going foreign for university so that'd be like a long-term holiday over a few years.

    That is true. My History exam today has lifted my spirits, as it went really well and might've offset the mistakes from the other exam. Only got Chemistry and Physics to go, so I'm hyped. Just got to endure those two exams (and the Science lessons) and then I'm finished with school on Friday.

    Indeed, Kanto is full of nostalgia. Mind you, I get like that with the R/S/E games (NOT the remakes). My friends might want to play X and Y now though, so that's the third team I put on the shelf for more planning...
    I can imagine. I'd love to go on holiday with friends, but my current friend group is a bit anti-social and doesn't particularly cope well in busy areas. Maybe I'll meet new folks at college who I can do stuff like this with. Glad you enjoyed yourself though!

    I suppose, when you look at it. I really need History, and the fact that I screwed up a couple of what I think were really easy questions has messed me up in that subject. Luckily English Language, Calc Maths and Additional Biology went well that week else I'd have probably have some sort of breakdown xD

    My Blue team plan is Blastoise, Nidoqueen, Ninetales, Dodrio, Jolteon and Exeggutor. I forgot you were going to play through ORAS, your team looks great! How's Noibat doing?
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