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  • That's cool, how was it?

    Exams are going decently. Most were solid (Sociology, English Language + Literature, Calc Maths, Additional Science and ICT pt. 2) and others went pretty badly (History, Chemistry, ICT pt. 1). The rest were just OK (Non-calc Maths, Physics, Spanish).

    I realise that now, yeah. Aah well, will make do with what I have. Got a decent team planned which I'm happy about.
    Indeed it does. Aah well. Spanish went somewhat decently (you could guess half of it), so now I'm done with that subject too. English Literature tomorrow, it's not that hard nor is it easy so we'll see how it goes.

    I bought Pokemon Blue yesterday! I immediately regretted not buying Red or Yellow; Blue is pretty much LeafGreen but with crappier graphics. Aah well.
    Yep, and contain all the feeling we have following the exam. I can't wait for the Chemistry one, it was bloody awful. Vegetable oils, ethanol... ugh. At least I could answer the crude oil questions. Sociology was much better, I actually found 2/3 of it fairly simple and then the last part ****ed me over horrendously.

    Yep. People need to stop complaining and accept what it is they were given. Ugh.

    Spanish exam tomorrow, means once it's done I can drop it! That'd make two subjects this week I've dropped, and gives me 10 hours per fortnight to revise. So happy.
    Why yes it was, I thought it was hilarious. The Biology exam was fine - it had some questions on independent companies (not Biology, but in relation to drugs tests) and a question of 15 year olds drinking (which is technically legal here, as long as we're not buying it and preferably drinking at home). All relational to Biology, yet everyone starts screaming about how stupid it was. Some students either want a resit or that the exam board give us our target grade outright! I wouldn't mind the latter, would hate the former. I have plenty of exams to do, don't need an extra one. Particularly Science.

    Yep. Wouldn't count on it being soon since... exams. Maybe this weekend.
    Thanks. Biology was interesting, there's already a video on people's opinions of it. Involving Hitler. Yeah, it went well. ICT tomorrow, seems everyone in the country feels the same as I do about it.

    Indeed. He's pretty hyped anyway.

    You'd be right, although once I progress a bit further I'll present what it is.
    Aah, I see. Cool. I have Chemistry on Thursday, in the morning alongside Sociology Unit 2 in the afternoon. Luckily by then I'll have completed Sociology, since I did the Unit 1 exam today. Biology Core tomorrow, fun :/

    Yeah, sounds like it'd be good. My friend works in a game store and he really wants it for his PS4, think he might get it cheaper due to his position.

    Probably :) My team is shaping up to be pretty good, get my next two team members before the third gym. One is particularly helpful against Whitney. I'm kind of relying on type advantage over leveling power for the gyms. Bugsy will be fine, Flaaffy (when I evolve the bastard), Quilava and Zubat should deal with his team. Wooper's shite, but could be used against Kakuna.
    Well that's not so bad then. 2hrs 15 mins though... brutal, especially for Chemistry. My exams begin tomorrow, with Sociology Unit 1. Found a great revision website for it though, really helps with "night before" studying so I don't enter panic mode.

    Uncharted 4? Heard that's pretty good. I only have a PC and an Xbox 360, and I recently bought Diablo III and the DLC for it so I'll be busy playing those once my exams are done.

    Yeah, they were rather unexpected. Guess that's why they felt underwhelming. On the topic of Pokemon, I recently started HeartGold. Going to make a recent happenings post now about it. Team is OK, but I hate Wooper so much...
    3 hour exams? Ouch. Longest one I have is English Language, at 2hrs 15mins. Glad you feel you did alright with it.

    I can't remember their names, but I liked all 3. I don't know, they felt... underwhelming compared to when I first saw the Unova/Kalos starters. They're really good though, the owl and the seal are adorable and the cat is pretty cool. Based on past experience I go for the faster starter (Sceptile, Typhlosion, Serperior, Infernape, Greninja) so based on that I'll probably end up with whatever final evolution is faster/looks cool/fits into a solid team.
    I know, it's going to be amazing!

    Yep. I don't have a particular preference per say, but this year's Biology and Physics course was so much better than last year, so I'll tip it to Additional...

    That would make sense. Pretty interesting.
    'tis a bit. But I've only got two more weeks of it so I'm happy.

    They teach different things, but otherwise they're pretty much the same. Just a way to spread out work over two years and make us sit more exams.

    IB? Huh, OK. Never heard of them xD
    Yeah, my teacher is biased towards this girl in my class. She's pretty good at the subject, but they chat about other things and he supports her in other subjects. She's friends with all the other smart people bar me (we get along though) in the class, so he hangs around with them in lesson helping them and whatnot when he's not supposed to. I'm on the opposite side of the room, with the lazy gits who need help.

    Yeah, I suppose. They're core Sciences though, not additional. I have another set of Science tests in the following weeks. I wish you luck with your exams, languages and Maths are normally nightmares and I loathe Chemistry, so I feel your pain :)

    Oh really? That's not promising. Who made the exam (so to speak)? Do you have groups like AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR?
    Yeah, my teacher isn't great. Biased towards a few students, but at least he now notices how our class system works in terms of who works with who. Always entertaining watching a teacher deal with that.

    Sounds it :)

    Congrats. Got one more week left for me, then they begin. Week 1 for me is:
    Monday - Sociology
    Tuesday - Biology
    Wednesday - ICT
    Thursday - Chemistry/Sociology (Sociology done after that)
    Friday - Spanish x2 (Spanish done)
    Not really, no. I tend to write up a lot of stuff, create random bits and pieces and I have two exams to do, but he's taught us nothing since we've been doing coursework for two years.

    Yeah, it was the subject I thought of first that seemed similar enough. But my friend hates Business, think he hoped it'd be like your economics.
    It's not that, it's just that I can't revise a listening or a reading exam for it. ICT is Information & Communications Technology - I analyse and create computer systems via Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, and study various forms of technology and how they benefit us.

    Oh, well that's cool. Closest I think we've got in the UK is Business Studies which my friend takes, but he says it's kind-of useless. Shame we don't get economics!
    Haha, same here. Guess it's the universal way forward.

    Good plan. I've prioritized my subjects: Sociology, Core Science, ICT are high priority - English, Additional Science and History are medium priority - Maths and Spanish are low priority. So far that doesn't mean much, but when I get my *** into gear and start revising it will. What's economics like? It is economics right, and I haven't got econ mixed up with something?
    Yeah, Physics is tough. Luckily I've got a 3 week break now so to speak of no exams, but then all exams occur. Thankfully it's usually one per day so it's not murdering me.

    That's not too bad, but you must have to do a ton of exams in those two weeks to get it all done. 15 exams in 10 days?
    Indeed it is. Got my results back for my Chemistry mock - 27/60. It's pretty bad, but I scraped a C so it's a pass. Physics result is soon hopefully, should improve on that. It's odd how Physics is arguably the hardest Science to do and I do better on it than Chemistry/Biology.

    Yeah, they're asking for a bit too much there. Lots of inference required.

    Mine begin in 3 weeks. I'm quite happy since I get to essentially drop 4 out of 8 subjects in the first two weeks of exams - ICT, PE (doesn't really count, but hey ho), Sociology and Spanish. History, English, Maths and Science happen in-between. How many exams do you have?
    Radiation is OK, bit underwhelming when we're taught it but better than electrolysis for the 10th time.

    That's a bit... extreme I think. How on earth would you have got that? I don't know, we don't have to go that far in terms of theme and symbolism.
    Yeah, all about nuclei and stuff. I got really into it.

    Not necessarily, it has to relate to the themes of whatever it is you're looking at. But at the same time, being able to argue anything if it's justifiable I find is really interesting.

    I know, so I doubt I'll go through with it.
    Indeed :)

    Fair enough then. We did nuclear fusion/fission today, that was interesting. For me anyway.

    Symbolism... tough but doable. I hate close language analysis and analysis of structure. God I hate it.

    LeafGreen - Beedrill / Butterfree / Parasect / Pinsir / Venemoth
    HeartGold - Heracross / Scizor / Parasect / Butterfree / Yanmega / Ariados
    ORAS - Ninjask / Shedinja / Armaldo / Masquerain / Heracross / Beautifly or Dustox
    Platinum - Wormadam / Mothim / Kricketune / Heracross / Yanmega / Scizor
    Black - Leavanny / Scolipede / Crustle / Escavalier / Accelgor / Galvantula
    XY - Vivillon / Wormadam / Shedinja / Heracross / Crustle / Escavalier
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