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  • I have seen Deadpool. Incredibly good, very funny.

    Huh, I see. Well it sounds interesting, also sounds like my year is missing out haha

    Language is a nightmare, don't like Language at all. So dull, I don't really care about linking headlines/images/text together. Lit is better because I love reading, so it works.

    Depends what game I play. Ultimate monotypes go by generations, so for me it'd be LG -> HG -> ORAS -> Pearl/Platinum -> BW -> XY. I can list my team plans if you really want...
    I watched the first season of Arrow and it was... OK. Later seasons were better, but by that point I was unconvinced. But I also didn't realise he was from DC, so...

    Don't think we covered DNA replication, transcription and translation, but it sounds... peculiar. But yeah, it's just a mock one month before my GCSE's, so the school will be panicking about the possibility of me failing. I won't fail, provided I revise enough.

    Yeah, I know. My friends love Science, I'm the only English fan :(. Literary techniques are awful, I tend to do better on the creative writing aspect.

    Scrapped my Pearl team, going for an Ultimate Bug Monotype :) Will it last? Nope. Do I care? Nope.
    I can imagine. So now my list of things to watch includes The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, House, Lucifer and some other random stuff that comes afterwards. Maybe shows like Arrow, Daredevil, The Flash, etc.

    Biology is OK, I prefer it. Got to love speciation/natural selection, and once you've covered mitosis/meiosis enough times it becomes second nature. My Chemisty mock ended up being awful, an entire question out of SIX dedicated to iodine/iodide, something my class has never covered. Ever.

    I'm not too fast either but I do decently under pressure and can be quite... out of the box. Not always for the best (lost marks on my English mock for accidentally being racist, did not intend to be racist at all but thought what I said was funny). It's why I hate Maths/Science - only one answer can be right, there's no interpretation xD
    Yeah, plenty of time :)

    He's amazing. And he sings! So cool. Not in House I don't think, but in stuff like Jeeves and Wooster.

    I have a booklet of all my Additional Chemistry shenanigans. I finished it this evening, so that's my revision. I'm going to fail my mock most likely, but it's Chemistry so I don't care.

    Aah, essays. Only have had to do 1 so far for History, and that was pretty good. I enjoy a good essay personally. No, we get timed to do stupid questions on pointless stuff.
    Yeah, you'll have a team of 5 only just after the 1st gym if you add Vivillon, using Hawlucha gives you some breathing space. Particularly as Flabebe and Skiddo are awful to train. But I like Vivillon, don't know why (it's only started recently).

    I will. House is pretty good I've heard, isn't Hugh Laurie in it?

    Your Chemistry experience is better then mine then - what the hell is voltaic? I kind-of know acids and bases, need to revise electrolysis, chromatography, exo/endothermic reactions and atomic structures (both ionic, metallic and covalent). KILL ME.

    Yeah, it sucks pretty bad. I recently learnt that I have a half-term in-between my GCSE's, so I can revise other subjects in that time. Namely History, English Language, Maths and Additional Sciences.
    Aah, I see. I've used Gogoat in the past, and was pleasantly surprised by it. Quite tanky, does a lot of damage, has a good movepool and looks cool. I do rather like your team, it's pretty good. Just lacks Vivillon xD

    Possibly? I don't know, never tried. Maybe I shall! Think a friend mentioned House M.D today actually, so I'll give it a look. Once I've done my Chemistry homework (please kill me...)

    Saddens me when 8/19 of my exams are in Maths/Science, my two worst subjects.
    X & Y are pretty good, and I think your team seems pretty solid. Never used Avalugg, never interested me to. I often face a dilemma where I want to use certain Pokemon but type overlaps get in the way. As an example, I would love to use Vivillon in an XY team but it can't use Fly, so I'd need another Flying type to compensate.

    I don't, but I plan to. I basically have a list of TV programs to watch/re-watch but don't have my own personal space to do so. GoT, Walking Dead, The Mentalist (despite watching it previously, it's so good), Lucifer (when it comes out, trailer looks amazing) and I think there're some others...
    Yeah, the only thing cool about being a bad guy... being a dick xD

    On that note, I decided to restart Pearl and go through Gen IV as well, because I'm a sucker for it. Full nostalgia purposes, team will be Infernape, Staraptor, Roserade, Floatzel, Garchomp and Weavile. To save early-level issues I may catch a Roselia rather than a Budew which means Chimchar/Starly/Buizel get solid leveling at the start.

    I do, got it all the time haha. You'll have time soon, maybe then you'll play.

    Eh, shame.
    Excellent :)

    I still prefer Cyrus, but barely. I don't know, he caused me so many issues in D/P/Pt whereas I never had an issue with Giovanni.

    Slowbro seems like it'll be a powerful edition to the team. Psychic / Surf / Fire Blast / Blizzard will be super strong I reckon. Magneton should have Rain Dance / Thunder / Tri-Attack / Shock Wave that seems to have a tonne of 'oomph' to it. Moveset wise my team looks really strong. I could've used Venusaur > Parasect and got similar results, but I felt like using the bug for some reason.

    Yeah, they were. Does Drummerdude even come on these days? I spoke to him on the 10th I believe, but other than that, nothing.
    As well you should be, I can't wait. It'll be a whole new experience but school hasn't exactly been great. This year in particular... gone from great times to down in the dumps low. I blame girls xD

    Precisely, but Giovanni made up for it with his badassery and gym-leader persona.

    Yup, looking forward to it. It'll help me out with Misty, L.T Surge, Erika, Sabrina (kind of) and Giovanni, but fail at everything else. I'm expecting Magneton and Slowbro to be my main powerhouses, with Magmar, Pidgeot and Primeape being secondary in that regard. Don't know why.

    Looks like a nice team, very solid. All 3 starters are fun, and I love Noibat (until it becomes weak as hell).

    Do you remember when you, me and Drummerdude used to do runthroughs together?
    Heheh, excellent. I'm taking similar subjects to my friends, so we all have about the same number of exams. And then we move on to college.

    True. Team Rocket were cool, Team Aqua/Magma were interesting with their rivalries, as previously said I'm a Gen 4 ***** so Team Galactic are awesome, Team Plasma is meh and Team Flare aren't that inspiring.

    I went LeafGreen, going with a starterless team of Pidgeot, Primeape, Parasect, Magneton, Slowbro and Magmar.
    Nice. I've got 2 weeks of Easter, a month of school then all my exams start in May/June. Spanish x2, ICT x2, History x2, Sociology x2, English x3, Maths x2 and Science x6. 19 exams overall? I've not dropped below a C on any of those subjects so far without revising, so I'll probably prioritize my weaker subjects (Maths, Science, Sociology, History).

    The plot was different, which was good. I still prefer Team Galactic though, but then I am a Gen 4 ***** so bias xD

    I could, nuzlockes are interesting. Think I want a standard playthrough though, maybe a monotype at a push. Games I'd play are LeafGreen, HeartGold or Pearl/Platinum (probably the latter, but both are cool). I'll plan some teams...
    Yeah, like I said your team seems legit. I've got to plan a LeafGreen team unless I change my mind and play something else... I don't know. Got any suggestions?

    Haha, that's fair enough. We got some mock results today and I didn't do as well as I'd like, so I'll be revising quite a bit over Easter. I still passed mind, so college will be a catwalk to get in. But I'm expecting better for myself.

    Plasma was... eh. N was annoying, and Ghetsis was kind of weird (had no idea what he really wanted until the end, and then it was just "I'm evil!"). Shadow Triad was cool, and guys like Colress from BW2 were nice.
    Huh, fair enough. Seems like a solid Red team though.

    Well I'm heading to college this year, and I'm taking English Literature, History and Classical Civilization (Ancient History).

    Yep, that's the only way to do it. Hoping for convincing villains this time around; Team Plasma and Team Flare weren't that great.
    Yeah, need dat Golbat tho, and an Umbreon or something. Morty then loses ridiculously easily.

    Nice going :) This UCAS thing reminds me that I am still a couple of years behind you academically, so that makes more sense now.

    I don't know what Pokemon will be on offer in Moon, so I'll decide based on that.

    I'm tempted to play LeafGreen for some reason, need to plan a team...
    That makes sense xD. It's cool though, I do the same although I also post in my guild from time to time.

    UK university is alright actually. Some are pretty **** for sure, not sure how The Netherlands are. I hear they're also pretty good though.

    Hmm, how strange. Sun sounds too positive and happy, Moon connotes mysteriousness whilst still being quite alluring.

    What's your Crystal team?
    Hehe, that's fine. I haven't been around much anyway, but I'm making my return with the news of new games and the fact that I need something to do every other weekend.

    Nice, I'm nearing the end too. I have until June though, then my exams are done and I can relax until college. I think I'm younger than you by a year, so somehow I may have caught up? I'm good, as I said have been quite busy but new games seem interesting and may have re-sparked my interest back into the franchise.

    Moon probably, depends what Pokemon you get in each game.

    Been playing Pokemon much?
    And at last I did my mocks. Think I did alright; English, History, ICT, Physics and Spanish anyway. Sociology, Maths and Chemistry? We shall see in January.

    Oh nice, I continued ORAS whenever I was at my dads. I've just finished the 6th gym with a team of Blaziken, Shiftry, Mawile, Vigoroth, Vibrava and a random Linoone. My 6th member (eventually) will be Spheal.
    That's good, it's a lot more easy to move when some of your friends will do that as well. :)
    I see, oh well, it's important to do things you don't enjoy that much, as well. It also Makesta it easier to get into a place you want to study. :)

    I see. XD But I think it's important to take breaks from studying, even if it's an exam week. :)

    I didn't get enough points from entry exams. And tbh, I wanted to take a gap year. Most of my friends still live in the same town as I do, and I felt I wasn't ready to move. My life has been pretty bad for years, and about 2 and 1/3 years ago my life started to become better. Then my life got pretty bad again for about half a year (1.5 years ago) and about a year ago it started to get MUCH better. I felt I wanted to live in my town for one more year before I move into another town, because I wanted to enjoy my life the way it is for a little longer. :)

    That's cool. I read every episodes plot details but other wise I don't watch that much Pokemon anymore. I sometimes watch older episodes, though. Mainly from OS and AG, those are my favourite Pokemon series. :)
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