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  • School work is a *****; I have so many bloody exams to do in the next two weeks, and they're only mocks! Nightmare I tell you.

    Such a shame, although I was playing ORAS last weekend...
    That sounds nice, so you're planning on moving on to another country? :eek: Nice to hear you're getting good grades and I hope you enjoy studying even if it takes a lot of work.

    Indeed, social life is very important, one of the most important things in life if you ask me. That's good that you make sure you still have a social life and you meet your friends.

    I didn't pass the entrance exams for places I tried to get into so I'm taking a gap year. But it's actually quite nice to have a gap year. I'm studying in "open university" (kind of like university, but everyone can study there without anything entrance exams). Almost everything about it is studying in home, though, so I still live with my parents this year.

    Are you still interested in Pokemon, btw?
    That's nice to hear you take high school seriously, because it helps you in the future. But don't burn yourself up. Do you know what are you going to do after high school? :)

    I'm very good, I have many friends these days and I have two different friend gangs and both are very important to me. :) I also dropped 26.5 kilograms this spring and summer! :D
    Yes they were, we used to be awesome with our runthroughs together... shame it's stopped to be honest. But I don't know how often Drummerdude posts; think he's like us and just isn't as interested anymore. It's become the norm now - it seems most of the forums have just stopped caring about Pokemon now.
    Same here, XYZ looks... interesting. Ashninja, Mega Sceptile, new random Zygarde forms, etc. That and I look into the guild my old friends here are still in to see if everyone's keeping active.
    Is it me or does no one ever seem to be online talking anymore? I mean I've basically left these forums, but it just seems like everyone else has too.
    Halo, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Sunset Overdrive. Played Halo a bit (it came with the Xbox) but other than that I've only been playing Batman. Will try out Sunset maybe this weekend.

    I just beat Wattson. Had a very good trade happen on that route west of Mauville too.
    I just got another Noibat. This is much better (despite being lv1) because it knows Psychic, Shadow Ball, Toxic, and Roost. Unfortunately I already have a Noibat so I'm trading it away. Maybe you'll get it.
    I also bought a Xbox One on Monday. Random I know.

    I'm the same way. My team isn't that random as of now. Need to play a little more tonight.
    I glanced away for a second when I did that trade and could just see the wings flapping out of the corner of my eye and I was pissed because I thought it was a Zubat.
    It can be interesting. Can be boring. Just depends on the day. Like today is REALLY slow.

    I did not count it as two routes. I've got some Pokémon at high levels I may use later on like Tynamo. Marill may not be terrible with it being part Fairy if it has Huge Power.
    I started off unlucky but have been very fortunate lately. Just beat Brawly and haven't lost anyone yet.

    I work for a company that does tax credits for businesses.
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