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  • Lol. I always thought copying something free hand was really fun, so that's cool. I used to always do that with manga characters I loved and stuff when I was a huge manga reader. It really improved my drawing skills. :D And that's cool. I have a step sister, but I don't live with her. She's older than me though, so I guess it doesn't matter as much hahah.
    Nah, I get what you're saying. I mean, I can draw stuff I'm proud of. I don't think I'm absolutely HORRIBLE. But, compared to others, I can tell I'm not the best either lol. And that's neat. :D What, are you just copying them from a book or something? Whatta lucky sister hahah.
    Yeah, that's always sounded interesting to me too. I suck at art, but I love trying. Painting looks sort of hard, but i'd like to give it a go someday.
    Hahahah, that's great. :D Sounds like it was at least sort of fun besides Friday. My weekend was pretty great. Went and saw Resident Evil: Afterlife in theaters Friday, then went to the fair and a birthday party yesterday. I normally hate parties, but that one was pretty fun. Especially when we started a paint war hahah. xD
    Oh yeah, I get ya. I remember when I changed to my new school, I was shocked to only have a small group of friends at first. Normally I'm surrounded by friends. But if that's not your thing, just wait. I'm sure you're gonna have a ton eventually hahah :) & Dude, you totally are hahah. I'm still jealous. xD Hmm... Yeah, that kinda puts a hamper on visiting. You could always hitch hike? Y'know, if you feel like getting raped or murdered or something lol.
    Ahhh, really? D: Switching schools always kinda sucks at first, in my opinion. Once you make some amazing friends there maybe it'll get better, though. Ya never know. Plus, you could always visit old friends, couldn't you? Oh, and AJDSFKLJSDALF. D: Really? Ugh. I hate you. You just had to go and make me jealous by saying you aren't only French, but bilingual too. Cause being Canadian isn't cool enough. D: -cries- Lol. That's pretty amazing though that you're bilingual. I reaaally wish I was.
    Tu parles Francais/Tu es francais? o: Bahahah. Je parle francais, just une peu... Not very well, though. I'm only on my third year of classes. D: I understood what you said, though. That's too bad, I'm sorry. Boredom is normal when you get back to school though, especially since school sucks and whatnot. I'm getting that way, too. :/ As for life and the friend thing, ranting helps. If you ever feel like ranting to me, let me know. xD Hahaha. It's about the only way I can help when it comes to that sort of thing. Maybe time will take its course and things will get better, though. :)
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