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  • Naw it's good. I will stick with my old one, I like playing odd balls. I will see if my posts work in the next day or 2 when some of my school work dies down.
    Yeah for some reason I canno tpost more then -5 sentences. I already had to drop RP due to that but I will attempt to stay with this one:-(
    I will not be posting until tomorrow due to 4 reasons.

    1. A lot of work I had to do.
    2. My character would own the silence since the silence can only copy your zanpakuto :/ And since I am a Vizard I would have an advantage.
    3. My character is still in the shinigami world.
    4. I do not wish to interfere with your guys battle.

    So again sorry for not posting but now you know why.
    Hey TheVicious I was just wondering who has officially left the Fire Emblem RPG? I know Moogles4Ever has, but has anyone else left? Thanks for taking the time to read this
    Well I have reasons why I'm not posting but I'd rather not bore you with pointless jibber-jabber.

    I'll get on it later after I deal with my RP

    Also not to seem rude but people are very busy with stuff so they are unable to post everyday. You already knew that though proabably.
    You characters are good
    I accept them
    Didn't expect anyone else to join
    But since most of the people that joined have quit, I'm glad another person came
    I think you can come in now
    Has more people than Rotrum quit?

    Sorry quite frankly I wasn't thinking what I was saying.

    Technically I was blinded of what I thought was a good idea of what other people were crtizising. (sp?)

    I was acting immaturely and irresponsibly. PLease forgive me and let all this crap go behind us.
    Did you hear yourself?
    From the sign-ups he stated it takes place during Sacred Stones. So why is Hector in the game? Why are there characters from other games in a story that takes place during a certain one?
    My friend that is how you kill a Rp.
    Hello TheVicious. I'm from the Fire Emblem RPG and I was wondering if I could include another character to join the group. She was in my recent post. Can I just include her or do I need to fill another Sign-Up sheet? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    Am I also allowed to make my second character plus a antagonist? Pretty please? I'll just make a second character if I'm not allowed
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