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Recent content by TheViolentTomboy

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    Volume 57 Discussion

    Here you go! First few pages can be seen here: https://comics.shogakukan.co.jp/book?isbn=9784091432483
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    January Plot Discussion

    Ah. Coronis, thank you for all you've done for the PokeSpe fandom for all these years. I've definitely wouldn't have like Spe as much as I do now if not for you in the early years ^-^
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    Pokespe future arc speculation thread

    Take the easy way out, just have Sird come in as a stand in for the rest of the villains. Hey, with her skin, she looks like she came from Ultra Space like the rest of the Recon Squad
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    Is Red really the strongest 'Dex Holder?

    Red and Green are the strongest overall because they have no lives outside battling and training. Yellow has the most potential power output thanks to Viridian magic. Ruby has the most natural talent and battle sense, but he's hampered by his issues and the fact that he doesn't train regularly...
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    November Plot Discussion

    Well, it's been said that the Berlitz family has been in Sinnoh for 200 years, so... It just seems a little odd that someone whose family is firmly situated in Japan would practice Korean archery.
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    November Plot Discussion

    Another reason why I'm not too keen on Moon being a Berlitz is that it's kinda implied that she's supposed to be whatever the Pokeworld's equivalent of Korean is. Besides her being modeled after a Korean actress, the shape of her bow and the way she draws it (thumb draw) suggests that she...
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    November Plot Discussion

    I'd be surprised if Moon turns out to be Sir Berlitz's daughter. I think it was mentioned a few times in DP that Platinum is the only child of the family, so Moon, at minimum, would have to be a whopping 12 years younger than her.
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    September Plot Discussion

    Well, Alola is a bunch of small islands, so it shouldn't be too hard to often fight with a body of water nearby. ...and is it worth mentioning that 'sol' is the currency of Peru?
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    June Plot Discussion

    Don't think we really need a Sun vs. Moon battle. We pretty much have a good grip of their personalities and teams by now, and it is worth remembering that PokeSpe is running on a pretty limited pagecount as is. I'm hoping Moon gets the amulet. Her curiosity aside, she has no real reason to stay...
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    June Plot Discussion

    Suppose this is the downside of using a traumatized Pokemon you didn't even properly bond with...waiting for everything to freeze over now!
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    Pokemon Horizon

    Uh, USD. (Do Australians use 'bucks' for slang? I honestly have no idea) No idea where he lives, but he's spending 20 USD a month for each Ichiban magazine, and that's with backing. I mean, no one's stopping you. I was pretty disappointed that all I could find online was two pages a month...
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    Pokemon Horizon

    Well, right now JB's spending 20 bucks for one issue of CoroCoro Ichiban AKA 25 pages of manga every month. International shipping can get pricey.
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    Pokemon Horizon

    Generally, until very, VERY recently, barely anyone in the PokeSpe fandom would buy each individual magazine for each individual chapter since that was 20-30 bucks each, and they just waited for the volumes despite having to wait forever for them. And since the main draw of the CoroCoro magazine...
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    Pokemon Horizon

    I always got the impression no one stateside really buys the actual Coro Coro magazine so much as just wait for the Japanese fans to post images and info. And from there it's only a matter of translating a few lines of text.
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    April Plot Discussion

    It doesn't seem like Trials will really be a thing in Spe, probably due to foreseen lack of time. The winner of the tournament will be chosen to travel around to each of the islands in an attempt to calm the angered Tapus, and the Kahunas called this mission an 'imitation' Grand Trial. So yeah...