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  • Well the fact that Doug Ford was elected twice speaks volumes about how messed up the GTA can be. That man made Canadians into a joke on the world stage. No other western country would ever allow a politician to hold office while being addicted to illegal drugs. I find it amazing how much support he and his family still have there.

    As for Chow, she lost her riding in the election as well. Who knows if she'll be back. She has a bad track record. She hasn't won an election since Layton was alive.
    Wonder if Toronto will be crazy enough to vote in the Grits again after this mess. They at least had enough sense not to elect Olivia Chow or DoFo for mayor, so who knows.
    The liberal party screws Ontario over so often, one starts to wonder if they're doing it deliberately. Did you hear the sale of Hydro One is only going to net 1.4 billion? In two years the province will start losing a lot of money, and since I'm sure the liberals will be voted out in the next election, they'll probably try blame the next governing party if the province goes further into debt when they take power.

    2014 was my first time voting and I voted orange to help prevent the liberal candidate from getting in. I would swap Wynne for Patrick Brown or Andrea Horvath without hesitation. At this point I wouldn't even care which one of the two it is.
    I saw you said you're in Ontario so I was interested in your thoughts about the premier. Personally I detest her and her party.
    Hi. Do you still have 6iv Gastly? I'd like the female one. Im ready to trade now if you are :)
    Hey, I have seen you have a Steel friend safari with Klefki.
    I have a Ghost type one with Shuppet, Phantump and Drifblim. I know it's not quite what you're looking for.
    But is it still okay for you to add me? My FC is 5455-9380-4499.
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