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    Why do so many people hate the 4th generation?

    And it's still three seperate games. It's an opinion. Why the hell do I need support? That's the way that I see them. Boring. I don't need support for that.
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    Why do so many people hate the 4th generation?

    That's more than one game. That's three. And I don't give a rats *** if it has 107 new Pokemon. I still think that they're boring
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    Cubone and Marowak

    Who said that the mother dies when she breeds?
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    Why do so many people hate the 4th generation?

    The ONLY reason why I have any hate toward the 4th generation. Is the Pokemon. They're boring, it seems like the game creators ran out of ideas.
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    MidnightLucario said to give this topic a cool name.

    I guess you can see my picture. http://img36.imageshack.us/my.php?image=77456445.png
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    If you had to join one evil team, which one would you pick?

    I'd go with Team Rocket. Who wouldn't want to join them is the question? It's all about the originals. haha The other teams are LAME.
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    Scariest movie you've watched?

    TWO movies ONLY. It and The Descent. **** that. Clowns are the worst. And so are little white people in caves. Never again will I watch those movies.
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    Stupid things that people have done in real life.

    I'm sure you pulled that story out of your ***. That post, was stupid. So therefore you did something stupid. And now for mine. I've ran into a metal pole. There you go. ;) My stupid deed.
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    Relationships - BFs/GFs/crushes

    Then I give him some huge props. Because I wouldn't be able to do that. haha.
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    Relationships - BFs/GFs/crushes

    Relationships in middle school and high school, are usually a waste of time. Because do you really think you're going to marry the person? That most likely won't happen. But I'm not saying ALL relationships are pointless. But to be honest. I'll stick to my hand. It doesn't talk, and does...
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    ~*~The Toges Fanclub V.2~*~

    Do you think that the Toge's line, has a good colour scheme or a bad colour scheme? Well, personaly. I think their colour's fit them nicely. :D But, I must say. That it would be nice if each evolution had different colours.
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    ~*~The Toges Fanclub V.2~*~

    Were you glad that Misty's Togepi became the leader of the Togepi Kingdom, or do you think it should have stayed with Misty? I mean, sure it was great that Togepi became the center of attention of another episode(s), and I am happy that it evolved. But I'm mad that Misty let it go. Kind of...
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    ~*~The Toges Fanclub V.2~*~

    Do you think Misty should have got Togepi, even though Ash found it, and Brock cared for its egg? Yea, I'm glad that Misty got to keep Togepi. She looks alot better with it then if Ash or Brock would have.
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    ~*~The Toges Fanclub V.2~*~

    Thank you, MM. Those are for the, um, contest. But I didn't have time to message all of you. So I just put it in a post. What was your favorite episode(s) that featured Togepi? My favorite would have to be "A Togepi Mirage" So happy that it finally evolved, but sadly she let it go.
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    Classical maybe?

    I personally, think it's extreamly annoying.