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May 20, 2014
Dec 14, 2009
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thirty-six was last seen:
May 20, 2014
    1. Mew The Gato
      Mew The Gato
      Um... blueumbreon is looking for members in our Electric, Ground and Flying clan, so would you like to join?
    2. Schade
      Yeah, I'm pretty sure she will get back her humanity at some point. But I hope they won't cure her. besides, Klaus will only pop in and take her for his stupid hybrids anyway
      I see what you mean, but I was only a bit sad it was Carol. It could be sheriff Forbes instead. (But then Caroline lost both her parents..)
      He puts up a bad-boy image while underneath, he's really a big caring guy that want the best for as many as possible. at least that's the impression I get from him
      Nah, she just want a normal life. I can understand that, even though, if I were her, I wouldn't even dream of it. lol
    3. Schade
      I was so happy when she turned a vampire, and when I heard there was a slight possibility of a cure, I just went "Of course! We cannot have the awesome main vampire running around bringing awesomeness to the show now, do we?"
      Yeah, he's a different person to manage. no doubt he's the selfish one of the series. I hated him when he killed Carol
      Well, like I said: Damon is Damon. He just do whatever he does, and we get a clear vision of how regretfull he might be.
      Everyone just take advantage of, and exploits Rebekah. I always feel sorry for her, and she's the only one with an actual goal with hopes for her own future
    4. Schade
      That's true, but I hate her whiny attention-whöre attitude. I hope Stefan and Damon fail to cure her, though it's just obvious that they'll succeed
      Yeah, Klaus and Caroline's cute together, and I like how he've softened up over the past seasons. Damon is just Damon. lol. Like him with Elena better than Stefan. He looked good with Rebekah, as no one else seem to care about her
    5. Schade
      Could very well be. My god, she's so much more awesome now!
      Though, I still like Katherine better. lol
    6. Schade
      If you were reffering to the sig. It's from an episode in season 2, where Klaus compelled Katherine to stay at his appartment.
      There were no new episode this week
    7. Colt45
    8. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Are you alright?
    9. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Well if you ever fancy a chat you know where to find me.

      It's a shame about time differences though.
    10. Colt45
      How the **** have you not been banned yet?
    11. flamebeam
      so are you 25 then? I'm assuming this conversation was between me and Cass
    12. Bananarama
    13. Canada
      Screw Serebii.
    14. Cutty
      Lol, your too serious for a joke.

      Ask CT60 thread ppl about jb's baby....
    15. Cutty

      Ow before i forget... The song lyrics are the ending part of jb's baby... Minus rabbit hole of course..
      Symbolism? What are you... Illuminati?
    16. Colt45
      It doesnt work
    17. Colt45
      ;036; ;036; ;036; ;036;
    18. Cutty
    19. Cutty
      How rude...
    20. ToeyJoey
      Well played.
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