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Recent content by ThisIsPatrick

  1. ThisIsPatrick

    What would you research if you were a Pokémon Researcher?

    I’d research different Pokémon types and their environments specifically
  2. ThisIsPatrick

    Rate The Avatar Above You. (Rule update. 01.09.14)

    7/10 it’s alright
  3. ThisIsPatrick

    Have You Ever?

    Many times Have you ever played music in front of a crowd?
  4. ThisIsPatrick

    Yu gioh fan club

    Brings me back good memories of when the first club was a thing :’) Fav thing about Yugioh? Easily building decks and testing them out at locals
  5. ThisIsPatrick

    What was your very first Pokémon game?

    Started out with Leafgreen back in the day, then went onto Platinum. Played every game since bar Let’s Go. Not really a fan of the CP system but I do like the spotlight it’s cast back on Pokémon
  6. ThisIsPatrick

    Detective Pikachu Movie Discussion Thread

    I’m 50/50, I think it’ll either be a big hit or a flop
  7. ThisIsPatrick

    Have You Ever?

    I grazed my knee once when I was 5 falling off my pushy Have you ever played darts?
  8. ThisIsPatrick

    Favorite Ultra Beast?

    Can't say I'm a fan of Ultra Beasts
  9. ThisIsPatrick

    Have You Ever?

    Yes Have you ever been surfing?
  10. ThisIsPatrick

    4th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

    Made it to the elite four on Soul Silver today, slightly underleveled and I'd like to say without a worry in the world but that would be lying. Will and Koga were close battles, Bruno is next and is causing quite the problem. My team is Meganium Noctowel Umbreon Pupitar Ursaring Poliwhirl...
  11. ThisIsPatrick

    Have You Ever?

    Yes Have you ever been in/around snow?
  12. ThisIsPatrick

    Have You Ever?

    Yes, swinging off the school goal posts like an idiot :/ Have you ever been on a boat?
  13. ThisIsPatrick

    Raichu, use Thunder! It's Super effective!

    Politoed, use water gun
  14. ThisIsPatrick

    Rate The Avatar Above You. (Rule update. 01.09.14)

    7/10 Ash is pretty cool