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  • Yes they have.

    No, its for a friend, but I put mine on white already.

    Got some good pokemon to trade for it

    So your starters have been Charmander, Totodile, Treecko, Chimchar, Oshawott?

    I am not sure I will have to take a look. You need one for a team?
    I seem to go in an order. Fire, Water, Grass, so feel like keeping it.

    Might get to be like comics with rewrites and other versions with new evos and forgetting old ones.

    Btw, do you happen to have a Cresllia on a 4th gen game?

    knew it was a matter of time, and the new battle system looks great and I'll be starting with Chespin

    Yes if you have suggestions, I'm open to anything you could recommend.
    Really? That's different. I grew up with the Animated Series and I still love it.
    I didn't see that movie in theaters but my cousins and I used to love watching it. But you're right, now it just seems terrible.
    Well luck or not, it's nice that you got it.
    I'm a fan of all of the media, though admittedly, I know a little less about the comics than the others. I try to keep up with it though.
    Especially recently, with the Nolan series of movies and the Arkham games. They're great.
    Oh I know, I love that Batman is finally getting taken seriously. He's arguably the most famous hero.
    That makes sense. I like that you used his real name instead of like Hush1 or something.
    Thomas Elliot? Wasn't that hard. Course it could have been your name, but not many people put that as their username online :p
    Wow, you've been a fan for a while then. Then again though, so have I.
    Is he your God as he is mine?

    How do you feel about the animated movie of Dark Knight Returns?

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