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Recent content by thorryen

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    A legal anime streaming start up animebananas.tv

    Forgot to say, feel free to ask any kind of questions, or make suggestions, and I'll forward them directly to bananas to make sure you get catered!
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    A legal anime streaming start up animebananas.tv

    Hi everyone, To clarify up front, I am affiliated with them ^.^. Just wanted to share with you a new legal anime streaming platform. They have a huge collection by working with Crunchy, Hulu and other providers. What are your thoughts, would you watch anime on link removed and or where do...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! The Series Discussion Thread

    Yu Gi Oh, is one of my favorite series ever, I used to own so many cards, but always lost the games. Vrains was the system for AI, quite cool for back then.
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    Whats your RAREST Card!

    My rarest was a Zapdos. I gave it away to a little kid a few years ago. It was the happiest day of his life. My Zapdos was epic. I also had a Mew, but it isn't as cool as a Zapdos.
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    Polursine's Sprite Haven

    I would like to have a mix off Blastoise and Charizard. Could be useful to stop those fires in the woods.
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    Phetty's Trade Shop

    Grande I used to clone all my strong Pokemon, and attach rare candies to them for quick level ups.
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    I hate You! Pikachu!

    I like Pikachu, hate is bad, Harvard Art. Int. TM.
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    Waht is the Best???

    The best is Ditto, lol copies all minus one, and if copying Ditto, then it's Dittoception.
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    Apples to Apples: Pokéstyle V.3

    Wow so much fun! I'll go with Deino.