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Nov 28, 2014
Oct 7, 2007
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Magic School Dropout

ThousandMaster was last seen:
Nov 28, 2014
    1. Pamizard
      as soon as i find out how to add more people i'll add ya :D
    2. Grei
      Ah, ok. I had wondered if it had just been a bad day. Posts tend to be mean when that happens, and I've been a culprit as well.

      I was being a bit harsh, too. Sorry about that. :S
    3. Grei
      Let's examine this statement to determine its validity, shall we? First of all, I see you forgot to capitalize the first letter of your sentence. Secondly, "I" should be capitalized in "I'm," and requires an apostrophe between I and M. And of course, you didn't include a question mark, making this a statement instead of a question, so you are, in fact, saying that you are not intelligent.
      Was this comment necessary at all? Seriously, allow me to paraphrase: "I'm going to take your comment, which was self-bashing on it's own, and basically agree with you in hopes of making you feel stupid. Simply because... I want you to feel stupid. Ho ho ho."

      I rest my case.
      "I'm done being a jerk now."

      Honestly. : |
    4. Nightlingbolt
      You do realize Dento will eventually be introduced in the manga, right? Him being a Gym Leader and all. So yes, Ruby x Dento is very possible.
    5. cybermew
      Woah, man.

      You do realise that that's my act, right? Everyone else seems to get it, and find it rather funny.

      No need to get mad. I'm not being serious. My rudeness is a joke.
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