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Last Activity:
Oct 5, 2019
Apr 7, 2010
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Ecruteak City

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A New Journey Awaits, from Ecruteak City

Thrain was last seen:
Oct 5, 2019
    1. MarbleZone
      Hey man sorry to bother. If you're not actively playing Fizzy Bubbles anymore, is there any chance you could part with your Zorua? It's pretty much the last Pokemon I'm missing for my dream team that I don't know where to find. If not, that's okay. Cheers!
    2. Swedish GoldenGrowlithe
      Swedish GoldenGrowlithe
      Hello, would you add my FC for safari please? :)
      I was looking for Growlithe and Charmeleon.
      I've got Ponyta, Charmeleon and Braixen.
    3. spyrois2cool
    4. Itzatrap
      It was, sorry about that. ^^; I corrected it.
    5. Itzatrap
      Welcome back!

      I just fixed it, so just quote to pick him up.
    6. Missingno. Master
      Missingno. Master
      Hey, just so you know, I edited my Cortoza reply to include me returning Peeves to his Poke Ball, because, well, I'm really gonna need to be able to deposit something in the PC soon.
    7. Skarm™
      Long time no see :)
    8. Plight of Leon
    9. Plight of Leon
      Plight of Leon
      So, Thrain, is there anyone that you need me to update?
    10. Meetan
      Perfect! ^^
    11. Meetan
      If you still want to trade the black pokeblock, we can. Otherwise, I'll go ahead and level up mah Swinub again. xP
    12. Meetan
      I actually realised I can't. I've done some bad maths with my candies on accident, and the candy I got at the Mart is technically invalid since it brings up my total to zero (I awkwardly had minus one candies, basically). If you still have the block next Monday, I'll trade for it. But I can't right now, really sorry.
    13. 00swms
      I understand what you mean. Thanks for vm me back.

    14. 00swms
      Do you still want work at our Art Shop Forever & Again?
    15. Marion Ette
      Marion Ette
      Hey Thrain, I noticed you got a Ghost Mystery Egg from the Egg House. I just wanted to let you know that if you end up getting a ghost you don't want and it's something I don't have already, I'll do my best to make you a good offer~
    16. Ampharos_Dude
      xD Well actually, after your notice, I went to check my post in the Starter Pack thread, and of course it had the signature also. Gotta start remembering to remove it from posts as the first thing :D
      (Also made a lazy member thread, gotta edit it better tomorrow :D)
    17. Ampharos_Dude
      Totally forgot that, thank you :)
      I'm hopeless, making mistakes like that while being busy to make a member list post '^_^
    18. takkupanda
      Just wanted to remind you about my Grimer's birthday coz I'm leaving now... Thanks for helping ^_^
    19. Skarm™
      are you ever gonna do that banner and all the other ones at Ecruteak Designs?
    20. Trickster Zorua
      Trickster Zorua
      Hey Thrain, did you started my banner? :)
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    Ecruteak City
    Favourite Pokémon:
    A HUGE Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts fan

    Soccer, Video Games


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