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  • And that's fine. Jobs are wonderful, money is equally wonderful.

    I'm simply going to put it bluntly - I wager that not too many people here are all that invested in your employment status, I wager further that even fewer people in the anime forum and in ND are invested in such and finally I wager further that you would agree that any number of individuals won't be quite as tactful in telling you as much should the urge strike them.

    I appreciate that.

    I'm not trying to pick on you. Honest. I just feel that at times, you could take another minute or two to refine your criticisms on various topics.
    Negative? Do you not know who Maddonya is? (she was the female Meowth stupidly re-nicknamed "Meowzie.")
    I thought that was a typo. *facepalm*
    It sort of is... Besides which, only having only three games that support an HD resolution hardly counts for much.
    I don't understand the logic of your signature. Seems to be predicated on assumptions of serebii.net members. Usually people like this are insecure or trolling. Most likely both in your case. For 24 years old you would kinda expect more no offense.
    Ash also tried to capture something afterward, (was it Taillow?), and May said, "You have to weaken the Pokemon first, don't you, Mr. Pokemon Master?"

    I have all of AG on DVD (as well as the older seasons), so I rewatched them many times.

    Anyway I don't know about BW. It seems like a mix of Kanto and Johto for some reason. I'm not sure how I feel about this saga yet.
    He did the same thing in AG too, and May scolded him for it.

    I kinda think this might be TR's last region. It looks like Giovanni might finally be disbanded after a Plasma confrontation.
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