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  • I don't see the problem. The Japanese version is fine to watch even without understand. Its not like the story is complex, you can pretty much tell what they're saying, and anything that is confusing is usually explained on the forums.

    You call yourself a fan of the anime?
    p-please. your signature is just ownage. OMFG. I cannot begin to praise your signature for I may continue until I die. *bows*
    DP did have a lot of nice mini-arcs here and there, and they did a fantastic job on the Gym leaders.

    While I personally didn't enjoy DP as much as some of the older arcs, it definitely did have far better writing and continuity than any previous saga. The battles have also reached their most impressive of this saga of any arc.

    The thing is I just don't feel like following another 200-ep saga. Ash doesn't really have a personality anymore, TR are stale, but at least Brock leaving is a godsend.

    The worst part about the series, is that the entire main cast has just become so dull. Ash and Brock were kept way too long, and TR isn't any better. Shame.
    They should have made room for everyone.

    You're really going to follow the whole BW anime? I feel worn out from the series in general, and since DP is ending in an anti-climax, I don't feel like sitting through another 4-year region.

    I'll watch the first 5 eps, mainly to see what Iris and Dento are like, but overall its time to throw in the towel.
    I'm going to finally retire from the anime after DP ends.

    13 years is enough, although I may check up on BW along the way.
    Dude if you hate the threads Cybercubed makes why do you post in them? That doesn't make any sense just ignore them if you disagree with what he has to so or if your annoyed by them.
    Are you joking?

    Ash Vs. Paul is 186, second part 187.

    Ash Vs. LT is 188 and 189.

    That leaves just DP190 and 191, and possibly 192...at least one or two of those eps have to be Dawn/Brock's goodbye episode.

    There's really no time./
    Thriller you are too old for this forum.

    Funny, people like us got into Pokemon when we already almost teenagers at around 12 or 13 years old.

    Its really odd how back in 1998 even teens got into Pokemon, not just little kids.
    Happy Birthday!
    I have to ask though, are you really just 24? I've been lurking for a while and I always got the impression that you were maybe a bit older due to your more mature posts compared to others.
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