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  • Hiya! I saw that you said that it was your birthday in the new episode thread! I have to say Happy Birthday to you and that I really respect you! You are definitely one of the more mature users from what I can tell.

    PS I hope your exam was good! :)

    PSS I feel like this was a major creeper message xD
    It's astounding that someone in college feels the need to blatantly lie on a Pokeman site:

    But it's okay; the honesty, reliability, and dedication of my work is what keeps people visiting my site. If what you said was ever true (which it is not - you couldn't get me any more opposite than what you said), more people would know about what you claim. I don't know who ****** you off, but it's pathetic that you would go out of your way to make up such atrocious and blatant lies and then post them in public when I have gone out of my way for years to do things for the Pokemon fandom, even to the point of getting my Professorship revoked because of TPCi not liking me posting early info. I can't believe you would ever attack someone who has sacrificed so much to keep providing news to people like you for free and out of their own time. Surely as a college student you know how hard it is to study. Imagine having a major website on top of it.

    And just so you know, Serebii and I are on very good terms - we talk to each other almost every night. So I suggest you stop promoting such rumors / lies or you're just going to make yourself out to look like a fool. And next time, I'll call you out on it in public too - Serebii will likely back me up too. People like you need to be shot down for your blatant lies. Just who the hell do you think you are? What have you done to contribute to the community? Seems like the only thing you like to do is spread unsubstantiated hatred.
    Well then, after having witnessed the new Pokemon, new land, and new info, what stance do you find yourself to be in now? Excited? Tepid? Cautious? Lost? Jovial?
    Thank you, Thriller.

    It's really rather coincidental you should happen to pop, I was going through some seriously old threads earlier and I realized just how long you've been here at Serebii with the rest of us. We're talking the days of AG here. So I hope you're on-board for the next set of games.
    ... I was going to comment on how you have the Sonichu guy in your signature, but it looks like two other guys already got there.
    To be honest I figured they were fake when it said Misty's Togetic was going to be Dawn's Togekiss. The idea of Misty reuniting with her Togetic already sounded like fanfiction, but then the idea that Misty would suddenly give it to Dawn to use for Contests sounded utterly ridiculous. As if Misty would suddenly give away one of her favored pokemon to Dawn to use in contests...lol.

    Most likely Dawn's Togekiss will be that evil Togepi from earlier that evovled in the wild, or an all-new Togekiss. It doesn't seem like Dawn will get it in its earlier forms, she'll likely catch it as a Togekiss.
    All you have to do is search for threads you made, and go back to the first page. It brings up some of the earliest stuff you posted. No major searching required.

    And what's wrong with bringing up the past? People search through my old threads all the time apparently.
    So you have no desire to watch through most of the show anymore? Didn't you see all of Kanto/Orange and Hoenn/BF back in the day, aside from maybe a few skipped eps here and there?

    Granted missing most of johto's fillers doesn't matter, but I'd catch up on everything else.
    Thriller you do not enjoy watching Pokemon anymore? I remember you saying you haven't watched more than like 10 DP episodes.
    Ah, well, that makes a bit more sense. I had this feeling, but I wasn't going to bother with it. It's more of the fact that I'm not really believing it to be fifth gen (even though when stuff like this happens, it's the least likely of all things that winds up being correct anyhow), mainly for similar reasons that I wasn't believing there was going to be HGSS.

    Well, similar in that I wasn't completely expecting them.

    And when I heard "filler arc", I had thought it was another random arc that was coming up soon. Probably why I was a bit confused.

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