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  • Well, I am on a Milan forum called
    'The Red and Black Forums'
    Although I do not post alot on it, coz I have no time.

    And it was nice meeting you as well. Hopefully we can qualify for UCL next season. FORZA MILAN?
    Supp dude.
    Well, since i'm going to leave sppf in a little while, I just wanted to say it was nice meeting a rossonero like you. Are you on any Milan forum?

    Well, later. Forza Milan~
    So would I. But knowing Galliani, I cannot see it happening. And yeah, Milan offered something like 9 mil, then 12.5 mil for Fabiano, and then Sevilla said no deal. So there you go.
    That sounds really good. I agree with you strongly.
    I heard that Milan can't afford Fabiano and that they just gave up on him.
    So, I would really like to see what you suggested come true.
    Yeah, they are close to buying him. About 18 million Euros as well. i do not want to see that happen, as money needs to be spent else where, and if there is any left, then buy a striker.
    Here is my transfer plan
    1. Trade oddo + 7 mil for Di Silvestri from Lazio
    2. Buy Criscito for 10 mil
    3. Buy either Hernanes/Moutinho/Veloso (latter two are portugese from Sporting)
    4. Sell Kalac to Parma, and if possible, Kaladze to some greek team
    Hey dude i've been busy lately and not focusing on soccer that much.
    I heard that Milan is thinking about buying Luis Fabiano... is that true?
    Also do they want to or are they going to buy him?
    Do you know for how much?
    You are my hero under ac milan.
    Paolo maldini, the greatest captain there is.
    tu parli italiano?

    Mind if i add u as a friend, since were both rossoneri?
    ehhh, the UEFA cup isn't much worth to begin with...
    Beckenbauer called it the "loser cup". ;_;
    Finishing 5th meant that we need changes in our eam, MANY changes, and I hope we'll see them this summer.
    Both an AC Milan and Phoenix Wright fan?
    you sir, have good taste!
    *goes to mourn over Milan finishing 5th this season*
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