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  • I wonder if N's appearance will spark your interest in the Anime. Maybe things will work your way this time. N might interrupt the league just like you wanted.
    Okay. Then every pokemon the cast currently has is a gift to that character. What logic are you using?
    I'm afraid sereb devil does not comprehend the concept of logic.
    Just so you know, Sparking Omega/Budokai Tenkaichi 4 doesn't exist. It was a false thing spread by someone. Instead, new characters were revealed for Zenkai Battle Royale.
    I'm not going to lie, Black and White was NOT my favorite Pokemon pair. I felt they had less replay value and less things to do compared to Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver. It looks like Black 2/White 2 is NOT going to address this problem. I actually really liked having a bunch of mini-games and battle alternatives, as well as other things to do besides generic battles and capturing Pokemon. So the fact that that Black/White had next to nothing in terms of diversions was kind of a let down. Sure, there was the Pokemon Musical, if THAT even deserves a mention. There were rotation and triple battles, which were cool, but the places you could partake in these were limited. And unless you have online capabilities, which I'm one of the few people I know who DOESN'T, that's pretty much it.
    Had the forum you posted the game review topic in not been Serebii, you might have gotten an actual discussion. Sadly, most of the people in OVGB are trolls, and a topic that doesn't conform to their interests is going to get burned to the ground. (And in some cases, even IF it conforms to their interest. They start fights for no reason.)
    You once said you wanted a filler saga before the league so that Ash's team can develop more in DP. Looks like you got your wish and I believe at a better position. Ash's team need more development right now then it did in DP. What do you think?
    Didn't you have an idea of Scraggy getting beaten up pretty badly by a Scrafty? Looks like it's going to happen but with a Simisage instead.
    Hey, just wondering. Did you pick your username from a spell move or come up with on you own?
    Happy New Year. In case you don't remember me, I am the same annoying guy who used to call DP BS in each one of my post. I hope you can recall me by that.
    Jock means the same thing, I'm pretty sure. People who are "popular" and act all badass because they smoke, drink, and/or have sex etc etc. Like you were describing.

    Not all 13 year olds are like that, you know. And it's kind of awful to have them as the "standard". It's kind of like seeing Westboro Baptist Church and thinking the whole of America is like that.
    Oshawott - Development
    Tepig - Development
    Snivy - Development
    Scraggy - Development
    Cubchoo - Development
    Darmanitan - Development
    Tranquill - No development
    Palpitoad - No development
    Roggenrola - No development
    Swadloon - No development
    Galvantula - No development

    More than half would have development... I don't see how it would be different than any other saga. It would just be on a bigger scale.
    Why did u put Galvantula, Cubchoo, and Darmanitan? Is Ash getting them or something?
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