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  • Nice Episodes. Where do you come up with these things. Tell me, is Blaine 'the genius' u r talking about. Just a request, don't make any gym leader a bad guy plz. Havin them work with TR unconditionally is O.K but don't make them real bad guys. I like them to be hinest(thats why I don't want them to be antagonized), and I treat your season just like the real anime, so plz take my request into account.
    I read your new episodes and they were gr8. Keep up the good work. And by the way could you give me a message to tell me when you come online. Whenever I do so, I find that u r offline, and your last activity was abt 15 mins, b4 I come.
    Thanks a lot. I'll get around with it, as soon as I get some free time(Currently I am very busy with studies).
    Thanx. If you don't mind, could I give some episodes for your new series. You could do the same for me if you like.
    Ya I have, and I am dying to read one of yours. By the way, which Poke'mon did you give Daisy? I hope a Pikachu.
    Thanks I read your other posts as well, and they are equally good. But there is 1 thing that is bothering me about the new episodes. How does one become a Poke'mon Ranger?
    Hi. I've gone through your posts about the new series( about Reg and all), in the Episode 87 onwards thread. It's really good, but just a suggestion, could you quote the previous episode. Well keep up the good work. If you want I could help you out with it as well.
    ... Do you honestly expect me to accept your friend request after the whole copying thing that you+that other member've done? ._.
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