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  • Wow, 9,999 posts!

    Quite an accomplishment. Shows your dedication to contributing.

    As you are a valuable member, keep up the quality posts/contributions.
    hey I blocked him just because I didnt really care for all the things I seen him spewing so no hard feelings to anyone who likes Grei
    This better?

    Ignoring everything else you posted, I did. Should we really care anymore? Whats it going to do, end the Iraq/Afgan war?

    I seriously doubt it.
    I made a post in the BW Battle Vault Thread with some corrections, if you could just check it out, that would be great.
    Hey, this is concerning your latest post in the Next Pokemon Thread, I know how you made your prediction and you made them bold, but you made a mistake with Emolga's. Just thought you should know.
    I love your prediction for Ash! Only thing I would change is maybe Galvantula for Golett. I mean I would love to see Ash with a second Electric type but that little guy looks perfect with Ash to me. Very random I know but I felt the need to write this to you lol.
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    I'm loving it dude! I just started my senior year, so Pokemon starting over in a sense feels great, I feel like I'm on a whole new journey! I love Iris, Ash, Miju, Pikachu, Pokabu, everyone! Dento is awesome, the first gym was pretty decent, can't wait for the conclusion next week. Pika losing wasn't a shocker, but it is a wtf. Considering it's experience, I'm a big Pika fan, I hate to see it lose, but this saga looks so promising!

    What'd you think of DP? Grand Festival and Sinnoh League bro?
    It's funny how I was thinking about that poll thread you made a while back and 1 of the options was "Rickhoenn click here" and then I click the thread you made and you included him in that post. That was just so random lol.
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