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  • Sorta. I'm planning on Daikeni, Baokii, (till I can get Daruma Mode Hihidaruma), Kokorimori, Moryguuro, Kibago, and new Voltorb.

    Also do you like Ash's Mijumaru?

    Sorry for asking 20 questions but also do you think Ash will have a Buffalon herd?
    Yeah, It took me awhile to get into the grove, but now I'm psyched and ready for Best Wishes. If Ash really does get all the starters again then it's a safe bet they'll all evolve at least once. DP was great and I'll miss the new character's I've grown to love, but I'm also ready to meet and become a fan of the new character's as well. Generation 5 is finally here.
    Hey Thunderblade. The DP saga's finally over. It wasn't perfect but I thought it ended well enough. The Pokemon series is getting better and better wouldn't you agree? Best Wishes is sure to be even more epic.
    Yeah, but you know what I mean. Wait till BW starts and all the nostalgic fans will complain about it too, even some DP fans might as well.
    Don't get too up in arms about some of the crazy people in the anime section. I've been here since 2004 and have seen my share fare of crazies.

    People will always complain about the anime no matter what happens in it, its just something to get used to.
    Hey thunderblade12 I'd like to be friends if you don't mind. I like your style of debating and answers back to poisonsting's biased posts.
    Yeah. Looking back at when I first joined, it would look like I'd never be modded. Although, it doesn't really matter if I become a mod. If I do, I'd have the same userbar!

    Glaceon Princess is banned, so now we don't need to worry about her. She called RaZoR LeAf a "dum idiot", so I doubt we will see her any time this century!
    Precisely. She did once say (with proper grammar) that people like you and me should be mods. That was early on in 2010.
    Why does Glaceon Princes hate you? I see Glaceon Princess asked why you have a higher post count, but that shouldn't mean you'd be hated. I saw it in her signature.
    It's a rumor.

    Other rumors started at the same time:
    - Iris' starter is Kibago
    - Iris catches a Pokabu
    - Iris catches a Koromori in the process of saving a farm from a group of them
    - An unknown marionette-looking pokemon will appear in the first few episodes (possibly an evolution of Banette)
    - An unknown bird pokemon also appears early on, not Mamepato. It could possibly be Wuguru or that blue bird sense they weren't revealed when we got this info
    - Ash gets Mijumaru
    - The guy traveling with Ash and Iris is very effeminant and participates in contests
    - His starter is Munna
    - He later catches a Tsutaja

    I don't know if I'm leaving anything out, but that was the full rumor. It has yet to be confirmed or denied. We'll see Sunday I guess.

    Hey, cna you show me where this rumor was posted? I hadn't heard of it till today. I didn't know a new one came around after Korobooshi Kojiro admitted he made up the psychic rumor.
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