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  • Don't worry about your accidental post in the Confirmed discussion thread. And you are not a troll. You are not what they were referring to. The Fifth Generation threads have recently come under attack be a troll who is spamming the threads with posts about racism and attacking everyone making posts.
    Hey Thunderblade have you seen the new Pokemon? Of course you have who hasn't. I think some of the new Pokemon look really cool but at the same time some look not so cool. I'm still looking forward to the new generation of Pokemon. How about you?
    Hey, don't you think this hack\hate guy talk like Ank, the same guy who kept on quoting your post whenever you said that Johto team was underdeveloped and in return he gave stupid excuses.
    Yeah she deserves to win too she has been training so hard, but I think the starters look pretty cool I'm predicting that Ash will get the one on the Bottom Left or the one on the Bottom Right.
    Hey TB, do you think Dawn has a chance of beating Zoey? I mean Im all for he winning it but something tells me Togekiss might make her lose
    LMAO!!! I'm great dude, once I'm done with an AP exam, I can really get some free time.

    I see you and dman dustin have been sticking up for Dawn, as far as winning the Grand Festival? How do you feel about Dawn as a character, and her rivals?
    Well fillers are important specially when they are showing some character development. But one thing that get on my nerves is threads about Gliscor or Ambipom release. I mean they got released a long ago and still making threads about it is quite dumb to me. There posts are fine but making threads like these don't help.
    Isn't Anime Spoilers getting boring? Cyber is making same kind of threads again and again like those Gliscor release and all. And then there are Zeno's stupid polls and last but not the least is that noob spacial rend whose threads are just like NOOBS.
    Hey dude, haven't talked to see in a while, been over at Bulbagarden, it's got me hooked! Why aren't you over there, and how do you like Dawn's Grand Festival so far?
    Just random but are you expecting Ash to get Water starter next gen? I think he should get he instead of water starter in first ten episodes or so and next gen girl to get grass starter. But they shouldn't give Brock the fire one cause even if he is getting a new dream he would spoil a great Pokemon.
    Yeah, I guess that's all they could do. I can't see them making a big deal out of it this time, because Ash has already beaten the previous Frontier Brains. Now we'd all be expecting him to win so who knows. As long as the battles are good I won't complain. Whether they rush this or not remains to be seen. Nether the Brains or Elite four were shown in the opening for forshadowing so we'll have to see and hope for the best.
    I think There might be a chance we see them, But we might not see the battle Ash. They could be like the Elite Four and just show up in a random episode and battle a lesser character kinda like Paul vs Brandon or Dawn vs Lucian. They could pull that off but a whole arc for them seems unlikely now. I still have hope of seeing Buck though.
    How's it going Thunderblade? The anime sure took a new twist with the delaying of the 8th Gym battle. You still think we might get to see the Sinnoh Frontier brains outside Palmer?
    Hey, I think I found a pattern with girl character in the show.
    Girls introduced in odd gens always travel two region while girl introduced in even gen will only travel one.
    What do u think? Only problem I see is that we never had a girl introduced in even gen before(that is Johto cause Misty has to complete her two regions by the rule).
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