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  • Hey man, Just wanted to reply to your message in the shiny thread, without posting it there cause its really just aimed at you. You have come a long way since you started, and you definately get room to say what you did! You're one of those examples of hunters that start off discouraged and then start realising hunting can be tough. You toughed out your starter hunt, and started seeing the numbers as something to keep busy rather than something evil. Big kudos to you for that, definitely!
    I was going to tell you about Entei and Raikou but it looks like AquaRegisteel beat me too it! I'm pretty sure if you don't want to sr for Entei and Raikou at that point in the game then you can do it later after you beat the elite four? I think they respawn if you don't catch them or if you kill them though I'm not 100% certain.
    Yes, you are able to get Entei and Raikou to shine in HGSS. On SHU (where I believe you've just joined, right?) storm and crashandcortex have obtained shinies in a similar way to the way you mentioned :)

    However, you must save BEFORE releasing them, then track them down.
    Congrats on the totodile! I'm not sure if you know this or not but since you're going for mareep for your badge quest you should use a static ability pokemon (like mareep) for a lead, it'll increase your chances of getting mareep over something else. Good luck with the badge quest and don't get too disheartened if it takes a while, badge quests can get kind of lengthy especially if you're used to shorter hunts.
    Last time I ate was 4 hours ago, not an "all time record" but pretty long time away from food considering the fact that I am always eating!
    High metabolism!
    The only advice I have for your badge quest is research your targets/routes. There's a lot of pokemon in the first few routes that have roar or whirlwind which can put a bummer on any badge quest if you lose a shiny. Aside from that just have patience and have a good time with it!
    If it means anything, wait until December 4, 2014. Thats when 2.5 remix comes out. But you might need a PS4 for it. Also Kingdom Hearts 3 does not have a date of when it will come out but it will be on the PS4. 1.5 remix is on PS3 and has been out for awhile.
    Its fine, but try not to be so down on yourself. Its not good!
    Also be prepared for a flood of Kingdom Hearts: Axel posts, currently obsessing over it right now.
    Aw! Thanks a bunch :3
    I post mostly homestuck and anime. Your blog is amazing too! I know where to get most of my pokemon reblogs now ;)
    Well when they reblog stuff they also follow that blog, usually its the
    "I follow you and you follow me" thing. Also, whats your URL?
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