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  • it's scary.
    seems like i was just 14/15 in my room going on the computer until 4 am talking to people on msn.

    as for scholarships, i'd love to apply for them and there's no harm in doing so, I just truthfully don't know what I can get with a 2.5, and taking just a whole array of classes instead of focusing in one particular region (cause there are a lot of department scholarships). i've gotta look for more information on it, but at least for this year financial aid will come in the clutch, although i'll of course have to take out my first massive loan.

    that will kill me inside.
    seven times.
    yeah it's great ;o;
    i used to go there about every summer, and while it was summer that I went, i definitely will have to adjust to winter (the hottest it'll get is 71 degrees in may, and its an average of 18-40 degrees jan-march) but yeah dude. i love the outdoors and denver sports and the school is #60 on top 100 schools in the US.

    i want to end up in CO, so this is like a test drive, and the cost would be the same as going to a UC school.
    duuude dat sac state my cousin graduated from there & i know people that are there now
    its a rad school dude congrats! hopefully you get in!
    and i've been ok haha. my first year of college went great and i had a 3.5 and then my second year didn't go that well because i smoked too much weed and my gpa dropped to a 2.5 so i figured i'm not gonna transfer for fall, but i'm planning on transferring in spring. stopped smoking & am just boosting my GPA this semester & my goal is to go to Colorado State University up in Fort Collins. its random but dude i love the state of colorado & my great grandpa went to that school. im majoring in either sociology or political science (and minoring in the other).

    still have no idea what i want to do with the degree or what i want to do with my life, but i figure its nice to have some direction.
    dude i cant believe i joined this site 7 years ago
    that ish cray

    but tiff you are back in college now have you decided where you are transferring????
    Life is slowly getting better. I had a lot of crap happen to me over the past couple of months, and I'm finally crawling out of it. I also finally graduate and get my bachelor's degree come this May! :D I also have redone my fish tank - just this past Sunday I got a blue lobster for it (you can see him in a video I posted to Facebook not too long ago). So yeah, getting better. ^_^

    How's it going for you? :3
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