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  • *pokes for what seems like the 12th time*

    We never talk anymore... I would love to have a nice conversation sometime soon so we can catch up.
    Creepy, as in... having a lot in common with you (Even though there's someone else I have tons more things in common with, but I'm used to that... my best friend.)

    It's a good creepy, I guess.
    this is your night
    everything is right
    come and light up my life
    it's a summer night

    this is your night
    come and hold me tight
    yes you are the one
    it's a summer night
    Hi Tiffany... nice avatar and profile picture (At the time of this post =X)... and awesome usertitle. It was nice meeting you... even if it is a bit creepy... oh well. Creepy works.
    Cool *goes to find me an image for a banner*

    And i'm great ta, for once in my life things are good.

    So what you doing ?
    Hey Tiff (do you mind me calling you that) i just posted to say i love the sig image and was wondering where did you get it from & to ask how are you today?
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