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  • Rock-types? I don't actually have Defend Order, its defense is just naturally higher.

    Sorry for disappearing, I've been with a teething baby since I left. :c
    I don't know if its nature comes into play but it has quite a lot of Defense. So whenever I'm down one Pokemon [Vespiquen] it attacks and attacks with no mercy despite being the second lowest in attacks [Speed being the lowest], it takes all the hits and fires back until the other Pokemon faints. They usually say defense is the best offense, in this case it is because it defends pretty well against attacks.
    Yeah, I've been offering up Amaura for trades but not getting Tyrunts/Tyrantrums. :( I'll add you and then we'll get started when you're ready.
    I don't think I'm that lucky with female combees. On average, for every 5 male combees I see there's usually a female one. Seeing as we both have Y, probably not, unless you have a Tyrunt?
    I can tell you what was once white is black (the fur) and what was once black is white (the hooves and face area). I don't know if an Adamant nature is good for it, haha, do you?
    No, it's totally cool! I love looking for Pokemon! :) Upon going back, however, I found one Shiny Furfrou! So gorgeous!
    I think the first one I found was female, I'd totally forgotten at the time you needed a female, haha. ^^; I must have just been lucky first time around, even if I wasn't I'd hunt for hours until I got one.
    It makes sense to me. :3 I think some ice types have nice designs, too. I think my favourites from any generation are Genger, Cryoganal, Vespiquen and Camerupt (despite it being a fire-type).
    I'm not much for fire-types, I think it stems from not liking destruction which fire tends to be associated with, haha.
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